Bike sold and on that note....

I’m off…

No more biking for me due to money and no licence shortly.

I’m doing a course for 3 weeks in Ashford, Kent next month so might get my lover(smiled) to pick me up and take me to the teahut for a brew/reacharound.

I will be moving back to Dorset/Somerset after the course so won’t see you lovely people much! :frowning:

Other than that, you won’t see my pretty face for a long time!:smiley:

sorry to hear it Jewell.

I’m sure that you’ll be back on the bike when the suspension is over. trackdays instead?!?!:slight_smile:

only met ya once!

sorry to hear of your looming ban fella, not quite sure what i would do if i got banned.

hopefully you will be back.:slight_smile:

take care and good luck on your new adventures.

sorry to hear and read everything today Ed… :crying: It’s not been a good time for you, but things will get better, try and keep in touch :)x

I’m sure you’ll be back soon enough… as Smiled’s pillion bitch! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure I would like the Mad Max uniform that would entail.

You be back dude, but in the mean time good luck with your future endeavours.

Very sorry to hear this, Ed, but as others have said I’m sure you will be back, I certainly hope so at any rate.

Don’t know what the latest is on your career change but if that is happening as well, then I wish you all the very best with that.

I can take ya pillion :wink: But only if you wear the blue mankini :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and rule no1: you CAN’T hold my boobs!

Sorry to hear mate - hope to see you back in London and biking again soon.

Take care of yourself and stay in touch.

Is there a lot to hold then? what we talking her F’s G’s :smiley:

Im sorry to hear about the ban mate - gutting. Dont mean you can get out of the LB gang though - thats the joy of the internet, it works right across the UK!! :stuck_out_tongue: Once you’ve signed up fella you aint allowed to leave :smiley:

So long gayboi … I didn’t even get to meet ur Jewish self but no doubt our paths shall cross! Anyways… All the best and keep posting

hmm which outfit would they choose though is the issue
just Jewell

or matching