Bike Shows

Quick question about some upcoming bike shows (albeit a good few months away). I’ve been told the two main ones are the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC in Birmingham (Dec 14) and the MCN Show at the Excel (Feb 15). Has anyone been to either, or both? And if so, which one is better?

Been to Both numerous times, The NEC is bigger and better with more going on, the Excel is good but it is gradually getting worse over the years it’s been going on, Suzuki didn’t even bother to showcase this year which was a bit disappointing. Definitely worth going to if you are in the market for new gear as you get some great bargains, if you are only going for the Bikes and to view whats around then do the NEC as its bigger and better organised

Yup agree 100%.

I got a great deal at the Excel on a helmet but if I want to see the bikes it is the NEC for me.

If I had to go to only one of them, then it’d be the NEC. It seems to be far better organised and layed out with more exhibitors. I still go the Excel show, but mainly for a social rather than for any serious retail therapy.

really disappointing at the Excel one I went two years ago… limited gear on offer with prices matching the retail stores. A lot of junk biking gear overcrowding everything.

Thanks for the info guys. I’ve just bought a new bike (awaiting delivery) so will primarily be going for gear/accessories etc…

Save the wait, you will get the same deals in their shops/on their websites if not better - better off speaking with some of the members on here that work in the bike shops.

Theres a couple at J&S Ilford? one at J&S hanger lane, think there is 1 or 2 at infinity as well - they give LBers a good deal. Also helmet city are very good on their prices online especially their helmets funnily enough. :slight_smile:

It’s the aftermarket stuff I find you get good deals with at the shows. R&G, Powerbronze etc

Nope - you think they are a good deal as they have a discounted price for the “show Only” and actually if you speak to them you can get better out of season :wink:

Really? I always found really good deals at the shows, especially right at last knockings on the last day, I’ve had some great deals by offering less than the price advertised on stuff so they haven’t got to lug it back to the Van, I done it at a Pond show before and got about £100 worth of pond plants free of charge :slight_smile: