Bike Showrooms

Are there any motorcycle superstore type efforts near london (or north of london) - I have a mate who just passed his test but doesn’t really know what sort of bike he wants, so want to take him to a place that will have a load in there. His budget isnt ‘new bike’ territory so not really looking Metropolis, Infinity type places…?

Not really a super store, but Johns Of Romford usually have a selection of used bikes, Grays motorcycle centre near me also has a selection of used bikes. Very friendly there, it’s where my bike gets serviced.

they are based in Swanley Village just off the M25 nr Brands.


based bit further out nr Lingfield Racetrack i pointed it out to you on Dave’s last ride.

i’ve bought bikes from both places.

Bought my bike from 2nd bite aswell - when I was there last he had loads of bikes that you can take a leisurely look at, Matt’s a nice bloke & gives a good after service too :slight_smile:

My bike came with a 1 month warranty & he MOT’d it and fitted a new bike tyre for me as part of the deal :slight_smile:

Cheers guys, nice one.

what about on yer bike the other side of Aylsbury good selection of all makes :slight_smile:

yeah although its all a little far out, was hoping for something inside M25, but guess real estate is too expensive…

johns are ok, could have alook at BAT, they have a lordy! off warehouse full’o bikes!:smiley:
i went rex jud fo my SV they have a fair selection of used bike as do george white in shoreditch, and you can sit on them and get a sizing:)

i know its quite a distance from norf london but this place is meant to have a big selection:

and the guys at circuit based training (again some distance away unfortunately) do an interesting post-DAS ride out where you can try all sorts of bikes:

Edit: oops not exactly M25 area, oh well

Cheers, yeah have been to midland superbikes and it has got a lot of good kit. Yeah might just do a trawl of various london bike shops