Bike shops in london

Good morning fellow bikers, not sure if im putting this in the correct forum.

Im heading into london city early afternoon via train,(live just outside M25) and i need to get a few bits of riding gear.

Can anyone suggest a good bike shop for me to go to as my knowlege of the city itself is very slim. First stop on route for me is kings cross.

Thanks guys. probably a bit late but ah well better late than never:hehe:

Where you live? If it’s SW London way, there’s a J&C bikeshop off the A3 near New Malden, seems to have everything you could want.

Also, the huge bike shop near Gatwick Airport. Massive one in Swindon (GWhites) - another one in reading.

Or just pick up a MCN - all the dealers are in there. Or checkout their website.

I do know of a scooter place near KingsX but he doesn’t do clothes.
Hope that helps a bit.

Infinity Motorcycles Holborn are pretty good and central.

Or Great Portland Street, staff down there are very helpful