Bike Shed Show 2023

Anyone going?

FRI 26th (Preview Evening Only) | SAT 27th | SUN 28th MAY 2023

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Saturday 27th May we’re going to Diddly Squat, hopefully to annoy Clarkson

Going on Friday

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Friday top dollar tickets or have you commentaries?

I decided that I’m a VIP and that it comes under “marketing” for work!

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Expenses then, enjoy the cream teas or is that just Chelsea?

Who went, what were your favs.
I might have to do this plate mod on my Speed Triple :smile:

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Hi @Jay I can’t upload any photos, they are defo .jpg

Hrm. Are you uploading under five photos at a time?


Either 1 or more I get the same result

What happens? Any error message?

Yup and ironically it let me post it here but not the photos lol

Send me the file in question please.