Bike security in public places.

I know I know … There are already so many topics about this , and yes, before you say " use search button", already done that.

Many of you have been riding for a long time, and you managed to keep you bike safe . My question is : How do you keep your bike safe in public? Especially a sports bike, where you don’t have to much space, or you don;t want to carry a really heavy chain after you.

I recently bought an Almax chain , thinking that this might solve all my problems … Easy … use it at home, then just throw it in a bag and carry it with me whenever I go somewhere… I was wrong … That chain is so heavy … No way I can carry that with me wherever I go . So I kinda need an advice on security in public places.

I already have a disk lock , planning to buy another one … But then again … A van might pull over , it take few seconds to lift it , throw it inside and then drive away. … Parking in places with CCTV not sure if it really helps. Obviously it is a plus , but all those vans are either stolen or have fake number plates… And I saw that they have no fear for CCTV.
So back to me subject , disk locks are good but not enough … I need to chain it to something … I need a strong but light chain. I currently have this:
It is light , easy to carry around … Bolt Cutter , Drill, Saw resistant? Hmm … Really? Not sure I believe this anymore since I saw that clip from Almax. Any other suggestions?
Do you think a u-luck will be better?
And in worse case, if you can’t lock it to something , what do you do?
Most of the Solo Motorcycle bays in London don’t provide something to chain to. And we can’t park on the pavement and chain it to a lamp post or something without getting a ticket, even though I’m not obstructing anything.
Chain in to another bike is not an option, at least not for me.
Parking in busy places… Hmm …

You know, sometimes you just want to go for a ride, enjoy the nice weather and then stop for a coffee. But i don;t want to carry 20kilos of chains, and disk locks, and spent 30 mins to lock and unlock every time I need to leave the bike and go around the corner.

I’m probably hoping for to much , an easy solution, but I only had my bike for a few weeks and right now my mind is so stressed about this, because I don’t want to end up making a thread in Stolen Bikes section . Better safe than sorry.
So any tips , suggestions to comfort my mind would be appreciated. Thanks.

Didn’t read the full thing only up to almax and heavy…

Get a kreiga US10 and use it as a tailpack. Stick straps under rear seat cowl and jobs a gooden.

This is what I do with my DRZ400SM. It’s a supermoto so even less space than a SS.

I have a 1.5m Almax III with a US10 bag. Can not recommend it enough

IMO anything light and easy to carry will be easy to cut into or brake…

You want something heavy duty and thick. (Insert that’s what she said comment here)

I also wouldn’t just rely on disc locks as someone will pick it up and chuck it in a van

Mine is 2 m .

I was planning to buy a tail bag for it , but after speaking with some guys from honda, they said that that bag it’s not gonna hold too long with a 2m almax chain . Tank bag again not an option. I use a bagster tank bag and cover, but a heavy chain might break the plastic clips that hold the bag attached to the cover. .

I was hoping that there is something good and lighter than an almax , that will keep away most of the thieves away . After all , we all know if someone really wants to steal your bike, he will , no matter what .

Don’t Listen to Dealers/ stealers… The kreiga bag is solid,I know others who use it, infact Almax use to give the bags away with chains. I fit a 1.5m and still have room. A 2m will fit.

I understand if they want it they’ll take it but you wantto slow them down. Anyways just sharing my thoughts J

Thanks … I’ll buy the bag and give it a try … :slight_smile:
Any other suggestions?

I just spent a month carrying my 1.5m Almax in a Kriega US10 and it held up just fine, just do the straps up nice and tight so the chain doesn’t move about. Dealers have to be very cautious about advice they give, as if things go wrong, you can find them liable. If I were a dealer I would say the same as them. But since I am a random on the internet I can give you my honest opinion instead.

+1 for the US10 with a 1.5m 16mm link chain. I used to do exactly that when I had to park up in a westminster parking bay for work.

Yea, but mine is 2m .
I went to infinity today , ready to buy the Kriega US10 , but then … it looks so small … Not sure if my 2m will fit . Shall I go for US20? Or ? Anyone tried to fit 2m in US10?

Got a US20 with a 1.5 chain no problem.

Thanks … I’ll try to find a US20 then :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t wear a rucksack with a chain in it… If you do have a off, I cannot imagine what the chain will do to your spine.

Wear are you located, I am more than happy to meet you to see if the 2m chain will fit in my US10

I know… I’m not planning to wear a rucksack.

I’m in W3 ( Acton ) .

I have an small old tail bag your welcome to try it & have it should it fit your requirements

I used to use it for my 2m chain & it fitted

im not sure if the bungee hooks are still there but you can get new ones at little cost

It’s ok . Thank you very much .

But I was planning to buy the US10 or 20 anyway , and later on make the combo …

No easy solution. If its not chained to something, a nice-ish bike and you park in the bay regularly expect it to be stolen at some point.

If it is chained with anything less than something of Almax quality, also expect it to be stolen at some point.

One member on here had some people cutting through his Almax with petrol cutters and was most of the way through when they got interrupted by residents.

So in short, buy a shitter…

Almax chains are the best. I have 5 of them, yes five. Different lengths and thicknesses for home or travel.

Hey Johnny, what happened when the residents interrupted the theft??? Go on, tell me they were all into chop socky and dealt him accordingly. Better still, they were all Millwall lads, and he was dealt with in a robust manner. Tell me, tell me, tell me…

I have sat with someone while they cut a disc lock off a motorbike with a Stihl saw in a public place (road through a hospital, offices around, people passing by 100yards away in a reasonably steady stream) after some scrotes tried smashing it with a hammer and made it unopenable in the process.

We are there for a couple of minutes cutting the lock off then stood around looking at the damage to the disc for 5 or 10 minutes, trying the brakes etc then someone dropped the saw back while I stood by the bike. Must have been getting on for 30 minutes from wehn we first started cutting to when we wheeled the bike away - nobody raised an eyelid and if someone called the cops, they never bothered turning up (I strongly suspect nbody called).

I wonder if a hollow chain filled with petrol/thermite could be made so it burns the legs off any fecker who tries grinding it :w00t:

Ok … Finally got my US20.
One last question . i know that chaining through the front wheel its a bad idea because it can be easily removed.
How about the back wheel. Is that good enough?

anything other than Almax…forget it really, other chains, disc locks etc may put off some thieves, but not all…an Almax chained to something immoveable, is hard to beat.