Bike Safe

I’m booked on it on Friday…

Anyone else from here gonna be there??

Out of interest, did you have to wait a long time to get a slot? When did you ring up for an appointment?

I registered my interest at the NEC in November and the called me back in January. I was originally booked on it for the 14th April but that got cancelled due to the Marathon.

I must say though, they had much earlier dates but I couldn’t do them due to work.

Cool. Thanks. Seems like there may be chance to get booked in before the summer peak period.

(Hope you enjoy the day. I thought it was well worthwhile)

not sure about other areas but i know that you can book online in London

Oh, cheers. Didn’t know that.

It was so long ago when I did it before that I think I had to send a carrier pigeon with my booking request :smiley: