Bike police blocking traffic - Lisson Grove / Marylebone Road

Was riding in this morning up through Lisson Grove, then 3 police on bikes (not sure what bikes, not the big tanks though) stop all the traffic at the crossroads, wave me through, then two of them fly up to Marylebone Road and stop all the traffic at the crossroads there (I’d turned off by then).

What was that all about then ? I didn’t notice any cars coming through or being escorted.


Must have been special dignataries going to the airport, either that or they were escorting a prison van with high profile prisoners in it, to court!

Could have been for a multitude of reasons,who knows!!!

probably in a hurry to get their donuts back to station :slight_smile:

Do you know as soon as I saw your name I thought"donuts",we don’t all eat donuts and drink gorgeous latte’s from Bar Italia;)

Only the ones lucky enough to work in the West End!!!

that’s true.
working around southall etc, i only always get to drink indian tea & somosas!.

If you are really that curious apply for a reason under the FoIA :smiley:

I’m not really that curious !!

Appreciated being waved through tho !

You beat me to it! :laugh:

I love seeing the cop bikes out on the road… they always talk to me to…it makes me feel special, lol :smiley:

It’s not THAT far - must have been about something else…

They did that along west end lane in west hampstead today too, except there was maybe 8+ police bikes with one sitting on teh junction, raised hand to tell everyone to stay where they are. 7 police bikes went by, some cars, a mini-van and then a police range rover.


mebbe theyre just testing themselves to see if they can manoevre round the city even in rush hour…

Working in WC2 I see this performance all the time. Sometimes it is prison vans, but usually just a royal or visiting head of state.

Try working near Bellmarsh.

Not so bad recently but they used to show off even when taking a few petty criminals over to Croyden.

Got so bad I used to ignore them just to wind them up. The M/C guys were pretty cool about it but it pissed off the big fat ones in the Range Rovers.

Handy if going back to the office late afternoon on the South Circular though. Used to tag the back and join in. Smoothest trip you’ll ever make over Shooters Hill.

I can well imagine :slight_smile: however I would be carefull doing that to often