Bike parking near Olympic park

Hi all, new to this forum, but I don’t really live in london, hence my join for this question.

Does anyone know where best to park a bike near to the Olympic park during the games?

Or am I just being mad thinking I can bike to london for this?

Thanks in advance.

See here -

Surely the Excel centre isn’t walking distance to the Olympic Park though is it?

I have tickets for tomorrow evening now, I guess the Tube will be safest…

Read my posts in that thread. They don’t just apply to the the Excel centre. No parking for any motor vehicles at any Olympic venue for spectators who are not disabled and massive changes to parking rules for miles around, For example the Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre parking is closed so even shoppers can’t use it.

I am not sure you are right there Guiliano.

Motorcycles have always been able to park in residents parking in Stratford, and there is nothing to suggest that this has changed.

You have never needed a parking permit for residents parking on a bike, because it is nigh on impossible to keep one on a bike.

There are plenty of residents parking within walking distance of the Olympic Park.

This is what it says on the Newham Website today…

Motorcycles may park free of charge in any pay and display, ‘shared use’ and/or resident bay and within any car park in Newham (except in Stratford Multi-Storey Car Park where charges apply).

‘Shared use’ bays in Resident Parking Zones are where vehicles can display either a permit or a pay and display ticket. There are no dedicated on-street parking bays for motorcycles in the borough.

So I don’t think you are right about bike parking in Newham.

Here is the page on the Newham Website.

If you did get a ticket, you would be justified in arguing that the parking restrictions were not advertised (they form NO part of the Olympic restrictions, I have searched the site for Motorcycle/Motorcycles and there is nothing more than that page) and therefore any ticket issued would not be legitimate.

I went to the Excel yesterday…

I was able to park in one of the side streets just North of the excel. It was a cul-de-sac on an estate, I parked up on the pavement and chained to a lampost, disc lock and bike cover. It was a bit dodgy round there with people watching me park up an then again watching when I came back, but the bike was fine…

However when I was at the Excel I was able to have a sneaky peek into the car park underneath and of course there was oceans of space in there, with just a few Official BMWs dotted about. I understand that locog want everyone to use public transport but the queues for the station afterwards were absolutely massive, I was super glad I rode down in the end…

My advice would be to scout about on Google streetview first and find yourself a couple of places to park

If you actually going to the Olympic Park in Stratford, there is the most perfect place to park.

Literally a 2 minute walk from the entrance of the Olympic park at Stratford station, a railing to chain your bike to, and at least 15-20 other bikes parked there (every time i go by), just to make you feel better.

Oxford Road, just on the A11, on the ring road, opposite the Cinema at E15 1BX .

You will see plenty bikes parked there.