Bike parking in central London (bank)

I am on a 5 day course next week at The Royal Exchange (Bank) however it does not start until 10am…

I am aware of the site parking for bikes but starting at 10:00 I am sure that all the bike spaces will be full…

So, I am on the scrounge for a parking spot near Bank Tube…

A space or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Car park under the London Museum, no 110 London Wall. It’s a bit of a walk but it’s safe, protected frpm the elements and free.

eezie’s sounds your best bet, but if not for any reason, there’s one at Tower Place east on Lower Thames Street. Underground, secure, completely free, and always loads of spaces whatever time you turn up :slight_smile:

This time of year you might be ok still at 10am, though with the engineering works around Moorgate a few bays have gone missing so that might of moved folks to other bays.

Tower place, next to the Tower of London. Under cover, lots of motorcycle space, bank is a short way away.

Here’s a full list of parking garages close to Bank. Some of them free, some of them £5/24hrs

There’s spots on Old Jewry. If you’re lucky there’ll still be some left when you get in for work.

tower hill ncp and London Wall ncp both great and free

London Wall one has an exit that comes out right on Aldermanbury square …then about 5-6 mins walk to Bank

I’ve used the tower hill NCP a lot in the past and it’s pretty good, always plenty of spaces. about 10-15 mins walk to bank though

They are full after 8.45am usually…

London Wall gets my vote, underground car park, its free and safe.