Bike parking Guys Hospital

Ive got to go to Guys hospital tomorrow is there any bike parking there?

I was told i couldn’t park in the main bit and there is on street bike parking but i twiddled my hair and smiled and the security guy said he would watch my bike for me :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t think it will happen again tbh.

when i couriered we parked where ever we could at Guy’s, if you speak to the security guys you should be ok, plus look for where other bikes are parked;)

if you drive into guys, which you can only 1 way go passed the car park bit on the right upto the zebra crossing turn left there, go to the end and thats where people park bikes.

Just outside the emergency entrance on Blackshaw road there is designated bike parking on the street that always has spaces, I always park there

staff and others park along the edge of building or some park tight to the lampposts in central parking area …

i tend to park where i like there but then again my reason for being there tends to allow this lol

ps blackshaw rd Tanya are you thinking of st georges in tooting ?

if i remember on Long Lane there are bike bays there …

Tim, yes, I am going mental, my brain is elsewhere :S

hijacking the thread … what about parking in St thomas’s hospital ?

I parked at St Thomas’s the other weekend no problem. In the main car park sort of underneath, entry off Lambeth Palace Road. No fee! Check with the security guy when you get there.

plenty of other bikes park here you can’t miss it, sometimes a bit full, had to park once on Lower Mash and walk 5 mins but otherwise ok.

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Plenty of parking. Use the main carpark entrance, and you will see all the bikes on the raised kerb.