Bike parking: Eltham, SE9

Got a meeting in Eltham SE9 tomorrow at which me and two other bikers will be attending.

Told the other two where to park, then I thought I’d do a scouting mission today as I was passing through to make sure I’d got it right.

Um. The area I’d used for years in a Pay and Display was, while sensible, not legal.

Emailed the Greenwich (bike friendly) parking manager this morning asking what the score was with parking there?

As of this afternoon, this is now the designated parking area for bikes and will be sign posted a.s.a.p.

Let’s hear it for Vanessa Brown.

They’re not all as bad as Westsinister

Oldguy - you have a part time job waiting for you when you retire (you keep saying you’re about to)

LB Parking Czar - sort them all out!!:smiley:

You think I want to deal with the toss*rs in Hammersmith, Westminster, Bromley, etc?

I’d rather work some wood and build a couple of new doors I need. (But can’t afford to have made.)

Don’t know of any reason why i may want to park in eltham myself but that is a result, well done.
As you are now the parking czar :cool:…Do you think it would be worth me trying to get a no parking area designated in front of my gate which is the daily route in and out of our property for 3 or more bikes ?.
our road has unrestricted parking but t*ssers keep on parking right up to or on the curb making access difficult.
There is no drop curb as such but the people with driveways dont have em either as the curbs are very low.
Who would i contact parking/highways ?

or should i post this in jetstreams agony collumn for some sensible and obviously very helpful advise ?:slight_smile:

Jetstream has already had some dealings of this sort in the dim and distant past.

The first people you contact are the council. However they are unlikely to be too helpful, in our experience. They might say you have to fund the cost of dropping the kerb, if that is on the cards (in Harrow a few years ago they had a %age per street they would “allow” this to be done to). They might well say it’s not their problem and will then direct you to some other office who don’t answer the phone.

Just a thought - have seen in some places people put up a sign saying “Access needed by motorcyles, please do not park in front of gate” - have you tried it?

Best of luck:)

Couple of flaws there Jetsteam.

1: You are assuming these twats can read.

2: They give a sh*t.

No but rockerchic put a note on someones windscreen, the next day the car was gone and my car bonnet had a mass of deep ‘key’ scratches in it:angry:

What a bummer.

Would be inclined as a last resort just to buy some paint & make up your own “Disabled Parking Bay” on the road in the middle of the night.

ABOUT TIME! there was one there i always had 2 keep parking in the sainsburys car park up the road!.:cool:

Excellent work! Bike parking is pretty vague or non-existent in many places – nice job!

Next mission.

The meeting I had to attend was in the new “Eltham Centre”. Speaking as an Architect, not impressed.

Having somewhere to park, I arrived early so went on a scouting mission around the new centre. Two cycle parking areas, both under cover. No bike spaces of any sort despite plenty of “dead” car parking areas.

Greenwich are one of the few London Authorities that mention motorcycles in their integrated transport policy and are genuinely bike friendly.

This has got to change when they build new civic amenity buildings and don’t include for motorcycles.