Bike parking at Brent Cross shopping centre

I’m off to Brent Cross in a bit, and was wondering if there’s anywhere safe to leave my bike. Anything to chain it to or will I have to use a regular car space and hope for the best?


nothing to chain it too as far as i know…

i usually leave it near the door (on the pavement) - first entrance you come to as soon as you enter

Cheers, Pan - just in time, too!


+1, just keep it away from the trolley’s :ermm:

There’s cycle parking by Fenwicks, you could chain it there.

Just thought I’d pop back for one last check before I pootled off. Thanks, all! :slight_smile:

There’s cycle parking by where the Virgin Megastore used to be, and by the Waitrose entrance, both of which I’ve used in the past. It’s not particularly suitable for locking bicycles to, so you’d not be putting anyone out by using it.

I’m reasonably sure there’s some metalwork in bits of the multi-story you could use, too.

I generally use the cycle parks.

At the Fenwick/HMV end outside the entrance with the Cash machine/Key Cutters/McD’s just park it on the pavement against the wall, theres a little cul de sac where delivery vans go through a gate, myself and a few others have always parked there no problems.