Bike park scrape

Although it feels more like a bike park rape…

Finished work yesterday to find the bikes cover had been lifted up over the number plate and the left hand mirror tucked back. When I reset the alarm it beeped at me which indicates that it had been chirping away. I thought it odd and put it down to someone trying to tea leaf the cover.

This morning I notice a large triangle of plastic missing from around the left hand headlamp. Putting 2 and 2 together I hope I’m right in saying someone reveresed in to my bike realised they had damaged it and lifted the cover to take a note of the number plate.

I checked where my bike was parked yesterday and it looks like a road sweeper has passed through so no sign of triangle piece. I’m also pretty sure I would remeber hitting something on the way home last night.

What should I do. I have only 3rd party insurance. Do I need to contact the police/ my insurance? should I start popping posters on bikes in the bike park asking for witnesses and hope the person responsible frequents the same spot?

If they have taken note of the number plate i would think the person will be contacting you in relation to it?? why else would they have done that?

no cctv footage??

Report it to the police and ask authorities if they are any CCTV cameras in the area and hope the person responsible owns up to it.

I am not convinced you are ever gonna here anything about this. Last year when I first picked up my bike, I got it damaged with in three hours of owning it. Some C*** knocked it off the centre stand no less buggering the left hand side and no one saw a thing.

Crap luck, Dan! That’s a risk of parking on the road though, anyone can do anything to it! I would try and get it off the road, i.e. in a front-garden, down an alley-way or something, with a ground-anchor and Almax chain.

I agree with Terry, report it to the Police and try and sniff around for CCTV footage. Good luck!

Just picked up a Road Traffic Collision/Accident report form from Saville row cop shop.

The incident happened during the day parked outside my office. No CCTV in the immediate area. I just hope it’s been reported by the third party as the £200 repair bill kinda sucks.

Unlucky mate real unlucky you could try asking around or CCTV which tends to be next to useless most of the time I know the ass lifted the bikes cover but its more likely to see what he hit rather than taking down your reg so he could own up, the human race arn’t that honest…

…Although every now and then a nice person proves me wrong, Good Luck in any case.

A Small triangle 3" x 2" x 2" of plastic from left side the nose cone fairing. If I could have found it I would have been happy to super glue it back on…

Dont repairers do that kind of work? Or can they only repair cracks and scratches?

Do you rekon he’d be able to fabricate the piece that is missing? I didn’t notice the damage until this morning and the triangle piece is gone.



ok. I’ll give him a call, Thanks.

Someone held a cigarette lighter to my headlight once (local scum) and burnt almost through the lens. I was left with a indentation so bad that it distorted the light all over the place.

The cost to replace the headlight…£425 as the super designers at yamaha make the R6 headlight units all in one peice…the whole flippin thing is one unit !!

I can vouch for that…they put my bike back in to superb order after it was stolen and damaged by scummers !!

and a flippin nice fella with it too !!!

Chaz…drop that “W” from my name will ya…you been listening to ginge to long !!!

I’m booked in to see him this afternoon. I Hope he can help…

I came back from vacation a few years back and found a note (actually several notes) on my desk with a name, number and instruction to call them. When I rang the person, it turned out that they had backed into my ZZR in the office parking lot before I went on vacation, and left a mark on the front mudguard (I hadn’t even noticed, until I got the note). She wanted to get hold of me to pay for the damage.

You never know, if the person took your plate, they may still get hold of you!

When I lived in Soho, my bike was knocked over, but someone got the womans number and left note on my bike. I went to the police and they couldn’t have cared less. I wrote to the woman etc but ended up with bugger all.

Charming, eh chillednsorted!

Thanks for the stories of hope and those that bought me back to the real world…

For the good it will do I have filled out the Police forms and contacted my insurance. I am going to wait for a couple of weeks to see if the scraper has done the right thing. Failing that I took the bike to Tony at SRS and he is confident he can do the repair for half the price of a replacement. I was shown some plastic welding he has done to the rear end of another scrape victim and I was impressed…