Bike mobile phone that rings you up when your bike is moved/nicked/messed with

Seen this a few years ago… why havent we all done this (shamelessly cut n pasted from a random forum) ?

Mobile phone bike alarm DIY How To By popular request
Alarm Phone - a set on Flickr

Basically all you need to do is replace the green key on a standard (non-touch screen) phone with a “trembler” switch.
The switch you need can be found here Assemtech | Process Control | Sensors and Transducers | Nonmercury Tilt Switches | Non-Mercury Tilt, Vibration & Movement |S1425

Just connect this across the tracks on the PCB. On standard mobiles, if you press the green key twice it dials the last number dialled.
So what you do is put the number of your mobile in and call it (by shaking the phone). In your mobile you create a contact called “Bike Alarm” and enter the number of the alarm phone.
I recommend getting a new PAYG SIM for the alarm phone.

To use the alarm, turn it on and hide it on the bike. If anybody messes with it, the alarm will phone you up, so you get a phone call from “Bike Alarm”. At that point you can either grab your Machete and run, or answer the call and have a listen, or do whatever you feel.
It’s best to answer the call and hang up immediately, because you have to pay for whatever the alarm phone does, so if it calls your mobile and you don’t answer it’ll go to voicemail for 2 or 3 minutes before your phone hangs up.
If you want to test if the alarm phone is in network and working you can call it up. If you here the ringing tone your set. Of course you need to set the ring tone on the alarm phone to silent.

Does that mean you include a free phone for a would be bike thief to take away too?

Wonder if there’s any feedback from users.

Kind of like the telephone call none of us wants to ever receive :slight_smile:

How do you turn it on without setting it off? And how do you turn it off without it ringing you?

Does it get affected by wind, road vibrations, stray eagles resting on handlebars, etc…

Doesn’t DanielGT have some kind of bike alarm that does something similar without the mobile phone? I don’t think it was expensive.


Here it is

MetalRed has one of these on her SV…

Not as cheap as a DIY PAYG but a darn sight less fiddly :cool: