Bike mechanic North London

Hey Gang, anyone have a recommendation for a trustworthy mechanic around North London/Hertfordshire boarders? Need a new chain fitted, carb fettled and general once over due to bike sitting about for a while. Normally use SBK when working in town, not doing currently, or Scorch who is now a bit too out of my way.

If you are able to consider NW5, I fully recommend Maitland Racing. An old-school father and son place, been around forever, no modern diagnostics but carb fettling would be well in their scope.

Very reliable, very modest prices.

Reads motorcycles in London Conley are very good, just north of london.

Thanks guys

Hey CoolT, hope you’re very well. A mate based in East London will collect your bike and take to his workshop if you’re stuck.

What ever you do DONT give it to scorch…

Feck me, you’re still about fella @SneakyMcC!!
Obvious question, does it still live or is the Riot continuing to confound science??

Not the guy who used to be a Ducati mechanic, had a massive off a few years ago? Can’t remember his name but I used him to get the Drz sorted when I first got it. Will ping you later on though.

Hello mate! Yep, you cant get rid of bad pennies, we always turn up! :grinning:

Yep, The Riot lives once more. Its been off the road since about 2015(?). That scorch had it forever, phucked it right up and miraculously “lost” the spare parts I gave him. Strangely he had a bike with the same engine that he rebuilt at the same time!

He had an open chequebook, the powder coated frame rusted through in 6wks of finally getting it back from him. The full engine rebuild (every bearing in the engine and chassis), plus the powder coat cost £2k and he phucked the whole lot up. It cost another £500 having the bike shipped back and forth several times cause he kept sending it back broken!!!

I have just paid Riverside M/C’s another £2200 to fix his mess! Got the bike back last week.

No surprise there… just as Covid sweeps the world the Riot has reared it’s head once more. The question is, is it the cause or the cure? :smiley:

Welcome back Sneaky

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Bloody hell, what a mess. Riverside should do you fine. Good guys there.

Got any pics of the current state?


This is how scorch the bike back the first time. Before he shipped it back he said the clutch was a bit noisy!

Another time scorch sent the bike back I had oil on the garage floor. ALL of the crank case bolts were loose. This one was ready to fall out!!!:flushed:

My God, that is unbelievable. I hope you have this all documented.

These are the kind of spares I sent him. He cldnt find my spares whn I went to collect my bike (uncompleted), but he was quick to show me the bike parked next to mine with the same engine that he’d rebuilt. Can u imagine where my spares went now?:thinking:

I do have it all documented, bar a list of the parts. Tim wld never answer his phone and wanted to be contacted by messenger, its all there.

Riverside m/cs kept putting the job off cause they were so busy and took over a over a year to fix the bike, but I kept adding jobs like making a new wiring loom. This scuppered taking scorch to task over it.

scorch used news paper to make the crank case gasket, the nut on the end of the crank was finger tight. There were teeth marks from a vice in the small end of the new conrod he fitted. So all that needed replacing. The engine was full of gasket sealer. The man’s a complete cnut!

Got the bike back from Riverside last week. I was yelling with joy on the ride home!