Bike license

hi guys quick question on behalf of a friend of mine. She has a car license and is thinking of learning to ride. Her question is does she have to re-apply for a provisional license for the bike? or can she just turn up to a riding school with her car license and start learning?

Seeing as I passed my test in france i have no idea how it works over here

it all depends when she passed her test, if years ago, (like me) then yes, a full car license acts as a provisional licence for a bike, you could ride a moped of 50cc with l plates, but I think you’ll find they changed a few years back, and you had to tick a box on apply for your car licence for it to act as a provisional too, if that makes sense

easy way, it should say on the back of her picture ID card, what she’s entilted to drive/ride

I done my CBT on just a normal car licence and that was fine. Any thing after that im not to sure of.

wots a bike license ? :smiley:

If your friend has a photocard licence she needs to make sure that she has provisional A entitlement on the paper part of her licence.

thanks for the replies guys, she does indeed have provisionnal A entitlement

She will need to take a CBT before she can ride on the road.