Bike Insurance without Carole Nash

Hey Lads,

I know some of you pay the earth for your insurance, but I am outside the M25 and Carole Nash quote is ENORMOUS!
I have been with CN for14 years on a 6wheel policy a car and 2 bikes £1200 is not right, especially when Bennetts will cover the bikes for £400 and The AA [of all companies] the car for £392.
So Bye Bye Carole!

No wonder they couldn’t give a good price, they can’t count.
A car and two bikes you should be on an eight wheel policy not six wheels


update Car insured with AA £362 and just waiting to hear from Bennets - they had to refer the fact I have a quick shifter to underwriter but present quote for the 2 VFRs is £460 so al in all it is a saving of £400 than the Carole Nash quotes