Bike insurance NOT auto renewing!

My tracer is insured with Wicked Quotes aka Ramesis. Been good for me so far, policy has gone down from £300 to £250 but crucially they’re not auto-renewing my policy like I’ve always had with them and others, it’s down to me to agree to it.

Has your credit card expired?

Nope, specifically they sent the renewal and said it won’t happen unless I tell them to.

I think that is good news. If they were to auto renew, without reminding you in good time, you could have insured it with another company. You’d then struggle to get a full refund.

I wonder if this is a new thing, as mine said they will not auto renew unless I tell them too.

Never allow an auto renewal. Always shop around!

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I like to leave it on as an “air on side of caution”, forgetting to find a cheaper options is still cheaper than the fine, points etc for not having it.

Although if this is another one of those things, will catch a few people out.

It’s a safety net for sure.
I don’t find I can ever forget as I’m always spammed with emails telling me from my existing insurer and others trying to get my cash. I also use an app with reminders to tax, insurance and mots. I find it saves me money without the risk of fines/points.

Which app is that? my reminders are very hit a miss across the tiny fleet I have, but still a nightmare having to remember what is due and when

I use Google calendar for all that. Also have monthly widget on my phone so can check in instant what’s coming up.

Just takes time to plug it all in but you can set it as recurring appointment

Although now.i only have one car so not that difficult to remember

I use “Car Tax Check”. Of course works on bikes too.