Bike GPS - Who's got what

who’s got what ??? I’ve seen the photos from France with the TomTom Rider, but i want something to swap between the car and the bike and its my understanding that the “Rider” doesnt have speaker ( is that correct ? ) …

Anyone else us the GPS on bike and car ?


Hi Lcaller, Tomtom Rider dosen’t have a speaker it’s supplied with a bluetooth headset that fits in your helmet. This means you can answer and make calls on your mobile via the tomtom. They also do a car kit for Rider retail price £24.95

The other system that can be used on bike and car is the Garmin Quest 2. This comes with the car kit as standard. You will have to purchase a Motorcycle mounting kit with is around £40.00.

The one think I don’t like about the quest is that the screen size is a bit small.

Oh one other thing, Tomtom Rider has just dropped in price by £100 to £499

XDA2 with Tomtom 5 & Bluetooth GPS

I used it all the way to portugal and back and apart from it overheating twice because of being in direct sunlight it was fine. Plus it doubled up as my phone. I had it connected into my headset.

thats great… looks like the TTR with car kit…

Thanks all