Hi peeps im selling my bike if anyone is interested, it has full service history 2 owners and been well looked after only lookin for 3500 for it as i need to sell it quick. give me a call if your interested or no anyone that is on07810428953 thanks.

pics , extras? IE cans and things

Would that be the one in your avatar? How you going to answer the question of “has it been tracked?”

I don’t think that picture was taken on a track…

whatcha geting

need more details

year, Mileage, condition etc etc

Might be interested but like the other’s have asked age, condition and PICS !


erm, there is a phone number in the original message, you could always call him and ask him any questions

lol good luck phoning. J’s on holiday… he doesn’t have the bike anymore. I’ve told him to update the post, but he’s been mega-busy.

soppy git sold it to go on hols

again soppy git

ps: i took dat foto we were @ tibbits corner on the a3 shhhhhhh

show 'em the video, go on…

(not if it shows ur licence plate tho… lol)

don`t know how 2. but if any1s iterested visit me bebo page go in vids a play scratching