Bike Fell over now won't start

I stupidly dropped my vstrom650 in the parking lot and now it won’t start.

When I turn the key, the fuel pump does its thing it when I press the start button, nothing happens. It doesn’t even try to turn over.

If I engage and then disengage the emergency switch, it dies then the pump goes again.

I’ve checked the side stand cutout and that seems fine too.

Any ideas what it might be and how I can get it going again would be greatly appreciated!

dont they have a system that cuts the engine if its on its side… maybe it still ‘thinks’ its on its side?

Drop it on the opposide side … see if that gets her going?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like an electrical problem. Battery terminal has come loose, or a wire has come off.

Poke around and see if everything is still connected!

Do you need to pull in the clutch lever to start it?

If so - then check the wires/switch around the clutch lever - if it went down on the lhs you might have damagd the switch or dislodged the wiring - if this is the problem then poke the clutch lever switch in with a screwdriver or something while hitting the starter you should get it started.

Clutch switch !

There’s a ‘kill switch’ attached to the clutch as well. I’m not used to having those, coming from Hondas.

Thanks to the guys at Pole Position - they were brilliant as always !

:smiley: you bell end! lol

remeber 'zukis always need to clutch in to start! lol

Yeah… And if they need the clutch in, it stands to reason that there’d be a switch.

But my brain was only thinking about the fact that I dropped my bike, and wasn’t up to the advanced logic required :stuck_out_tongue:

The only saving grace here, is neither was the AA man who arrived. He couldn’t work it out, so he just shorted the starter motor to get me running and off I went to Pole Position. Greg thinks I’m a spaz too :smiley:

Tilt switch not resetting, disconnect the batterie - reconect the batterie and try again.:slight_smile:

LOL ah its all good, it aint proper broken :smiley: