Bike engines and mileage. . .

Hi folks - I’m looking for a kawa 750 ninja - seen a nice one with an (indicated) 25k on the clock - do you reckon it’s WORTH holding out for something with say 15k on the clock - or do you reckon (assuming both engines are in good shape) that the difference is too marginal to worry about? The reason I ask is that I tend to rack up a lot of miles on my bikes and if I’m starting out with something that already has 25k on the clock then I am potentially going to be hooning about at high speed one day on an engine with 65/70k under it’s belt.

Assuming the engine has been treated to a decent maintenance schedule, what do you reckon is the potential for said bike engine to seize simply as a result of high mileage? (e.g.60-70k) - based on the fact that bike engines tend to use lighter components and are higher stressed than car engines which regularly rack up 100k - I’ve heard it said that the potential for a bike engine to seize at these type of mileages is significant enough to take seriously e.g. a stressed component breaking is something which I don’t particularly want to experience on the motorway with two hundred tons of assorted metal on my tail:hehe:.

Thanks in advance for the chance to pick some of the fine motorcycling brains which I know are out there!:wink:

If the price is right, then go for it. You could always flog it in a year or so…

Bike engines tend to rev higher than car engines, and bikes tend to be used less than cars.

I’m quite a high mileage rider (but not as high as some) but I tend to buy new and get rid of them after a couple of years… for reasons too complicated to explain my last bike was an 04 Bandit which I got rid off with over 40k on the clock - after 4 years of ownership… and it was very very tired - although apart from the clutch the engine was ok.

I’m not too familiar with the Kwak you’re looking at… in fact I’ve never owned a Kawasaki. I think that the engines on the model you’re looking at are pretty reliable, and as they aren’t over stressed you’ll probably be ok for a large mileage, assuming it’s ok now. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will be along in a minute

Sprint RS with 64K on the clocks and going very strong, then someone stole it.

FJ1200 with 90K on the clocks and still pulling like a train and cruising at 120mph on Autobahns fully loaded up.

Mileage is not much of an issue so long as the bike has been well looked after. That is the important thing. Good Oil + filters, keep it clean and keep it fully serviced.

Various kit cars around with 50k on the clock, the engines work a lott harder in a car too than a bike. They are looked after well, though.

Not quite as much as Makman, but I have a 06 CBF500 from new, and just about to get the 24K service done. Runs like a dream, and is a bit dirty at the moment.

Mileage doesn’t matter as long as it has been regularly serviced and looked after.

I did 40K on my 916S , I had to change the clutch basket once and the rockers arms were wearing a bit but otherwise it was great.

A lot of it is how the engine was run in and whether or not it’s had regular oil changes.

Rag it out of the crate and it will be lunched by 20K



+3I think Chunky is thinking of V-Twins which are probably knacked after 20K miles :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers folks! Much appreciated! I don’t feel so bad about the miles now - i’ll just try and get something that has a few bills attached to it - hopefully showing reg oil changes and valve clearance checks.

If I was of a pessimistic disposition I’d probably make a habit of keeping the clutch covered though, just in case engine decides to go to lunch - something which I can imagine would leave more than just skid marks on the road as I power/suddenly no power+locked rear wheel out of my favourite sweeper! :wink:

I’ll take it as read that the suspension will be off/shagged though (until I can afford a revalve etc) - so just keep your eyes peeled for a veteran kwak 7r boinging down the road.

55k and storming along, as long as its serviced correctly and ridden at less than valve bounce revs it should go on for miles.

just put 6k on mine in under 3 months, still goes like buggery solo or fully loaded for touring, needs a service now though :slight_smile:

But he does only have half the engine we do :PMines on 30 something and fine :wink:

ooooooiiiii! we will have no such talk like that here…for that is fighting talk chap!:D:D:P

If its been looked after and maintained well then go for it :slight_smile:

Even a turbo busa is still reasonably resilientt, here’s a 430bhp busa eengine in a Mini at Ten of the Best last weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Busa is a very special engine :slight_smile:

comming up to 31k on my 06 gix…dont worry fella…;).


MY ZX9 is about to rack up 50K… and runs faultlessly.

The 750 motor is in a fairly low state of tune compared to a modern gixxer 750, and Kwak engines last forever-ish.Like has been said, mileage isn’t really important as long as the bike has been looked after.

I bough mine a year ago with 32K on the clock - it’s now done just shy of 50K and has been superb (apart from the 7 sets of tyres I’ve put on it…)

Thanks again for the advice/reassurance folks. Been to see a few 7rs today - and from test riding/listening the engines give the impression of strength and resilience - they don’t call it Kawasaki Heavy Industries for nothing!

(please don’t take that as an invitation to point out that the 7r is at least 30 kilos heavier than your latest new fangled GSXR… ahem :hehe: )