Bike down at New Cross Gate this morning

Looked like a 600 sit up, but couldn’t see much cos of all the police and the ambulance.

Car driver had just turned left clearly and NOT LOOKED for the biker in the bus lane. Front left passenger door caved in from impact. Biker on the ground being treated… REALLY hope its not too bad whoever you are fella.

Sorry I couldn’t stop and help, cops were waving everyone on cos the rubber necking was backing traffic up.

Get well soon!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hope he’s OK.


Heard about this this morning, apparently a second bike crashed at the same scene shortly afterwards (don’t quote me on that, 3rd hand news).

Hope all concerned are ok.

Get well soon!

I’m attending a court case as a prosecution witness in March for a very similar incident… in June last year I saw a lady on big BMW GS get taken out by a car suddenly turning left across bus lane… this was in Lewisham.

I hope not too many of these have happened as the cycle groups will have extra ammo in getting us banned from bus lanes…

I think it is key in bus lanes to ensure you are travelling at same or slower speed than any cars, especially at junctions where they can turn left…

Saw this yesterday, seemed to be on a black z750. From what I could see as I ahem rubber necked, the paramedics had his jacket and shirt open checking to see if he was alright, he seemed to be moving his arms so hopefully he was alright.
The car was a black Lexus and looked like a hell of a bump judging by the state of the passenger door.

Pretty bad on that bus lane for cars turning left, but bikes love to fly up there at quite some pace from my experience.