Bike Diagnostics/Servicing in North London/City

Hey People, after what is fast becoming an infamous (for all the right reasons) ride out on Sunday (cheers again Ratty, Woo Woo, Sneaky, Moto etc), my CBR600 (2001 f4i) is not well! It’s still randomly flashing the FI warning light and surging and then cutting out, much as it did on the way back to High Beech when I thought it was just a mix of petrol octane (1/4 tank Supermarket Unleaded and 3/4 BP Ultimate). It also has the dreaded cam chain tensioner rattle as well (not a huge problem from what I hear or too expensive) so thought I might as well get that sorted and a service done but now I have the cutting out issue too (could it be the regulator?)!!

Anyone recommend a garage in either North London or City (I can drop the bike off on the way to work) - my first bike and really have no experience outside of Essential Rubber and Neil Harris where I bought the bike last year? Banjax and SBK seem to be popular on here??

Help it’s starting to **** me off and also make me ride very nervously expecting it to cut out at any time!


only used them once but was happy with the service/cost.

Give them a call.

Wouldn’t have thought the cutting out issue would be caused by the regulator. If the rectifier goes, which, since It’s a Honda and Honda are incapacble of producing a reliable one, then it would drain your battery whilst running and more or less not start. Can kill a battery too that by overcharging it I think??

The CCT issue is a piece of ****, download a workshop manual (for free) and buy the part from David Silvers or Dobles Honda - probably about £40 for a genuine one.

Service - well depends how well you know bikes but a minor service which they will do is a peice of cake.

Not sure on the electrics front and the FI light coming on - have you joined a CBR owners forum and consulted the regulars? Chances are they will know what is up with it as it may be common issue…

Cheers GC, normally I would do the oil/plugs/filter change etc myself but not sure when the bike last had a full service and for piece of mind would rather it gets one now. I’ve got a Haynes manual, so will take your advice on the CCT and see how techi that is to do myself.

Main worry is the FI issue that I just want to get sorted ASAP. I’ve checked forums but they all talk about what sequence the light flashes - to be honest on sunday when it started doing the whole surge/cut out show whilst at 70ish last thing on my mind is “oh wonder how many times that light flashed” :w00t: I’m assuming that just like a car they can plug the bike into a diagnostic programme and see what fault codes come up??

SBK or Banjax get my vote, essential will do larger jobs but sometimes are too busy?

all 3 are reliable tho!

hope ya get it sorted soon fella:)


Cheers Ratty, spoke to Rhalf at SBK and he’s having it tomorrow for a poke around. Sounds like a top guy who knows what he’s doing so fingers crossed it’s nothing serious/expensive…