Bike-crash man has USB finger


Or just another geek?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

wtf?? :w00t:

Apparently he has iPods for feet, too.

Don’t let JohnSE see this thread, he could have a whole home entertainment system built into his new arm!! :w00t:

thats just nasty. imagine oh excuse me may i plug my finger into your computer i want to upload some pictures bet its a great line with the ladies :wink:

robocop did it, why not bikercop johnse, come on get your new arm multimedia and HD ready…

that finger looks kind of disturbing mate… if you had to make yourself a prosthetic **** would you put a usb in it? I would…

Since I’m the more practical type, I think I’d settle for the changeable screwdriver/drill bit/torque wrench type of appendage! :smiley: