bike cleaning.... cheat products?

right, there are two things hindering me at present from having a sparkling bike:

  1. facilities - I dont have a drive, or access to a hosepipe

  2. I really can’t be ar5ed… I will only be outside cleaning if its a) dry and b) not cold which for me is riding weather so rather be thrashing it than cleaning it!

What I am wondering, is if i spend say 5 mins with a bucket and sponge getting the grit/dirt off, quick chamois to get the water off is there some sort of magical finishing spray on wax type stuff that will make it gleam like I spent ages on it and make me out to be some sort of homo ‘detailer’ or whatever they are???

popping off to halfords in a bit so quick replies mucho’s appreciated!!!

muc off and parafin, careful not to get the parafin on your wheels!

what about this? it seems to promise a detailer style finish but in rapid time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Suzukikev on here told me about speedwax in a neon green spray bottle at halfords. Works really well so far and doesnt leave dry white powder like a lot of wax.

Kato, why not paraffin on the wheels-does it disolve paint? I thought a quick wipe would be good for getting rid of chain lube

I think he means that it is slippery and when you go around a corner you may slip.

Yeah not on the tyre, never used it on the actual wheel or fairing (maybe someone else will know about this), great on the chain, swingarm, shock and the hard to reach places near the shock

Could try these.

not keen on ‘waterless’ systems, cant help but feel your rubbing dirt around more creating more swirl marks in the paint.

Went for a turtle wax wash and wax shampoo, spent all of 2 minutes giving quick sponge down. Then little chamois and used the autoglym rapid detailer and it worked really well!! was using a sub standard cloth so will get something better but anything you sprayed looked shiney afterwards :slight_smile:

took no more than 10mins, perfect :cool:

SDOC 100

Spray it on , make a brew , come back and rinse off.

Dry and re-lube.

Can be done down the local garage with a jetwash !

If you haven’t got access to a hose then get yourself one of these sort of things:|cat_14418742|Watering+Cans+and+Sprayers|14984589&c_3=3|cat_26026182|Watering|14418742&c_2=2|cat_16849255|Gardening|26026182&c_1=1|category_root|Garden+and+Outdoors|16849255

Spray it once to soften up the dirt before washing it & use it to rinse off afterwards.

Also useful to keep it by the door in winter to hose off the salt after a ride.

got a link for this? sounds perfect

Who the hell voiced that video…looks amazing though.

I don’t have a hose, I live on the third floor but I look after my bike. Not my work bike, **** that. I actually like cleaning it.

Sitting with my tunes on chilling out and giving back a little love to something that gives me so much pleasure. Not alot to ask. I used to spend hours on the polished wheels of my Buell.

When I was a despatch rider there was a Rasta colleague who had a gleeming bike, he won cleanest courier bike 3 years running :wink:

I asked him how he does it and he says “Ya gotta puff while ya buff!”.

Love your ride :wink:

I wanna give this Sdoc a try, anyone know where you can pick it up from or is it more of a mail order thing?

I just bought a load from

They had it on special , 2 for 1 on the gel.

I bought the kit to try it out 1st time and it was great !

The chain lube is also good.

You can get the sdoc stuff at Henry Gherkins…