Bike choices

Hi All

We have had enough of this country for a while :stuck_out_tongue: and are thinking of going off for a year to Europe to sample the roads abroad. We are taking a camper with the bikes on a trailer to enable us to see as much as we can and stop where we please. Has anyone else done this before and can offer any tips? Also, we have decided on the streetfighter option, as opposed to long periods of daily riding on sports bikes (neck and shoulder probs) so… which is the best bike to take…

  1. Triumph Street Triple R

  2. KTM Superduke

  3. Aprillia Tuono

All advice, comments etc will be appreciated greatly!! Thanks guys and gals!

Have a fab BHM!!! :smiley:

So wish I could do this again. I did it on a GSXR 750 and its reallly not that bad. So I dont think it matters what kind of you bike you take because youll get very used to it if youre going for a year. Broke mine somewhere round the Portugal Spain border :frowning: after about six month of travel but it was really the best trip ive ever done.

Wake up in the morning look out of the tent and the biggest dilema is working out where you want to go next… I could definately do that again.

Good luck and enjoy :slight_smile:

I know this isn’t on the list - but for me it would be a Bandit twelve in this kind of scenario -as it’s a cracking bike that is mechanically very straightforward and easy to work on/maintain/fix - plus there are tone of spares available because they were making them or so long.

That’s the kind of bike I would use if I was going on this kind of expedition.

Superduke I guess :slight_smile: although maybe a more ‘lower end’ supermoto Guess you have to consider about parts etc if you have a little spill or breakdown…?