Bike Cam ?

ok as some of you may know im a bit of an adrenaline junkie and i want to start recording my little antics.

So heres my problem

i want to get a HDD vid cam as they just seem better and i dont need any tapes.

But all the helmet/bike cams seem to need a AV in but i cant find any HDD cam with a AV in just AV out


We published this a while back:

Camcorders with AV-in do exist, as that’s what I use on my system. Only the mid to upper priced models have this feature though as there’s a taxation/licensing issue for manufacturers importing equipment to this country with AV-in features. I paid £400 for my camcorder a couple of years ago.

Personally, if I was to revist this tech, I would go solid-state and get a PVP/R and jack the bullet-cam into that, it’ll be much more resillient and smaller, plus easier to get onto the computer aftwards and edit, not to mention you’ll have LOADS more recording capacity without changing tapes/discs all the time.

ok so can i use some kind of bullet/helmet cam with this and if so how

o and whats PVP/R ?

thanks peps

That camera doesn’t look like it supports AV-in, but the information there isn’t exhaustive by the looks of it.

PVP/R = personal video player/recorder. They’re slad like devices slightly bigger than an iPod which have a screen, some controls and some sockets. They’re made for watching video on, but the ones which record are perfect for onboard video setups, as long as they record high quality footage. You can get them for about £350+ I believe. Recording wise, you want them to be able to do 640x480 @ 30fps or better really.

Archos is a good PVP/R brand…