bike broken

bike seemed slightly sluggish this morning when i set off but seemed to be reasonably ok after that (wasn’t sure if it was my imagination or if the bike was still slightly off the boil)

about 8 miles into the 10 mile ride engine warning light came on at the traffic lights. pulled over and killed the engine. had a look at the oil optic and looked to be a bit of foaming which subsided quickly (i checked the oil again a matter of mins later and it was gone

warning number on the dash says 46? anyone know the diagnostic codes/any ideas on what has happened?

did an oil change a week ago but plenty of riding since then. no leaks and optic level looks fine.

just got hold of a service guy at yammy and apparently 46 is an issue with the electrical power supply.

likely to be either the battery has given up, or the reg/rectifier has gone south.

does leave me with a slight issue of how to get home tonight!

if its an electrical issue rather than mechanical then surely if its rideable just get it home, then sort it from there?

Hope its something cheap and easy to fix mate.

Maybe this guy can help? mobile mechanic…

But if you want I can pick up a new battery for you somewhere and deliver it if you are in central???

cheers mate. bike isn’t rideable unfortunately, wont fire up (assuming battery is either dead or near to fully discharged on the ride over)

wondering if i could get a battery today and lob that in might be in luck. the question is where from and getting the time to do it.

love mondays!

just saw that - that could be great mate. will give you a buzz!

welcome to my world jb…hope ya get it sorted by 31st :wink:

haha agreed

oh, and public transport blows :frowning:

ok so batteries switched out for a new yuasa/yammy one. bike starting fine and running in the carpark.

should take it out for a test ride but would like to avoid a push of shame in the rain!

well it’s as well that I did ride round the corner to rhalfs

Bike is f-cked. Wasn’t getting a power feed to the battery so had to leave it to dash back to work. Got the word shortly after that the ‘stator’? Has disintegrated and launched itself inward towards the engine. Will be finding out how much actual damage it’s done shortly and just how much of the non existent money I have will be required

Good good

I think it’s safe to say tues trackday is not going to be happening for me :frowning:


Fingers crossed it’s only caused minimal damage Ben.