Anyone got some details of some Bike breakers i can try for a CBR 1000RR-5 Gearbox ?

try these boys out, i spoke to them on the phone when i need some bits , they explained that CASTROL buy the bikes direct from HONDA get them delivered straight to them, CASTRO send over a mechanic and they remove the engine and use them fro bench testing, the bikes have never been on a road or ridden more than a mile, HONDA will not sell an engine seperate so this is the most cost effective way of doing it therefore leaving a pretty much brand spanker to break, GUTTED,

or these folks, they deal direct with HM PLANT,

or the honda riders favorite

jaws motorcycles or, or A1spares at Sandy beds

Whatever you do, don’t buy anything mail order from a breakers as their telephone descriptions can be a bit “rose tinted”:wink:

You have been warned:cool:

Try A1 Salvage in Wokingham m8. They’ve got hundreds of bikes.