Bike bay in Moorfields / City Park area - be warned!!!

I usually park my bike near City Park around Moorfields for work (never had any problems before there) and today got there at about 6.15pm to collect the machine and found that the gear lever had been severely tampered with and it was very tricky to ride the bike indeed. It then conked out at a petrol station on the A3. Luckily after about 25 mins I managed to get it going again and have just arrived back.

Beware - this bike bay may seem like one of the safest in London, but it has vandals lurking nearby…


What happened to the gear lever - was it bent or partially dismantled?

It was very badly bent and also seemed to be in a different position on the bike. I tried to bend it back again at the petrol station, after a slightly tricky ride in one gear, but didn’t have much luck. I have been speculating a bit - what might have happened is that either someone knocked it over (although there did not seem to be other damage to the side) or bent it so I could not ride it and they could collect it later on, or maybe there’s another explanation!

Sounds like someone might have knocked it over if it was bent.

No !! Sorry to hear the bikes been tampered with or knocked over. If it’s been on it’s side I would expect there to be other signs of damage…bar ends, lever or mirror moved. Don’t even want to think that some low life has done this on purpose to stop you riding it…

Updated -bike now fixed by the fabulous guys at OMC!! And for free:)

Very happy indeed now.