bike back in one peice but.....

sometimes i wonder about our justice system.

i finally spoke to the guy in charge of my case and he told me that he doubts they will get a conviction.

they cought the guys with my bike parked in a street but they may not be able prove that they had stolen it. depends on forensics and my witness

good news is that when i went to pick it up today it didnt have a sngle mark on it…

anyone know the law when it come to chaing your bike to a sign ot lamp post in the street.

glad its back in one piece and no damage

i think as long as the bike is on the street and not on the pavement youre ok…

But I bet when someone ‘trips’ on the chain between the post and your bike whic crosses the pavement then you’ll be met with a spurious personal injury claim!

I do it though.

That’s when legal cover comes into play! I’d rather risk that then have the bike stolen again.

Cant see anyone tripping over it though, as they would have to attempt to walk between a small gap between the bike and the lamp post.

True…but I’m pretty sure 65% of the custom to these no win no fee solicitors is from people who throw themselves into harms way!!

Don’t suppose for a moment it’s legal, but I came across two ground anchors set into the gutter in the back streets of suburban Brighton last year.

i shudder at the thought of their use especially in that location …it may involve leather & chains but may not neccesarily involve a bike :stuck_out_tongue: