Bike Accident, Almost 3 years On. Solicitor help please!!

Evenin’ All,

Looking for some help and advice with regards the saga, that continues to be my insurance claim! Which is all I ever seem to post about!

Quick background:
March 2011 - Car pulled out from junction without looking (the usual), I hit said car and am catapulted into other lane. Liability accepted and not an issue. Injuries being treated still and so on and so forth.

Unfortunately, throughout the course of my claim I have now dealt with SEVEN solicitors, all from the same firm. Alas, the newest solicitor I have seems to be pretty darn hot on what he’s doing and is doing things that should have been done over the past two years. Obviously, I am now in a very tight time frame as in March, litigation begins and then the court will dictate the timings.

As such, I have been told I need to write a statement. This is to detail my losses, impact on life, injuries and everything else possible that you could imagine would be associated.
I’m sure many of you have been through this same process, as its my first, I was looking for some guidance. Whilst I appreciate everyones case is entirely different, I was wondering if you could share your experiences, perhaps even parts of your statement with me, so that I am not starting with a completely blank mind (so to speak) and so that I can see the format of how a “proper one” was done? Whilst I have been told things to include, I am under the impression that I am going to be somewhat shafted in the case by the third party insurers and as I’ve had such a raw deal with access to medical treatment and pants solicitors, I want to do the very best and defend and cover myself in the very best way I can! And what better way to ask some like minded fellows, who have been in a similar unfortunate life changing accident!!

I’d be eternally grateful if anyone would be willing to help. As I say, I have been given some instruction as to what to include - but a bit more of a heads up from someone who has actually experienced it and gone through it, would be amazing!!

many thanks in advance,

I’m hoping Kaos sees this and has time to advise on this… :slight_smile:

I hope you get some luck mate and everything works out.

Thanks very much!! I’ve had an absolute mare with my solicitors! It’s a shame that on top of everything else, you also have to sort out your own case and that is all relies on you and your statement. Sad case of affairs!

If you want to jot down what you have been told to write, I would be happy to re-draft the document in a style befitting a court case.

I can’t change the substance of what you are saying, but I can change wording, style, grammar, punctuation and format.

I can also assist on what parts you need emphasise and what parts are less important.

I will PM you my email address.

Thank you so much Kaos. PM sent.