Biggleswade or similar

Hey All,

Not sure if anyone here has any advice or insight

Currently live in WGC but need a 3 bed house, current 2 bed will be too small very soon. priced out of WGC plus no off street parking or a garage.

Looking at Biggleswade but don’t know much about the area but houses in my budget with Garages.

Does anyone commute into Central from Biggleswade and are the other similar towns I should be looking at

3 bed house, offstreet parking, garage,circa £375k



I used to commute London to Baldock via A10 and A507 (Baldock Bends) nice run beats the all day car parking on the A1 & M25.

£375 will get you an ex GLC built 4 bedroom house with garage and garden in Waltham Abbey