Big Warning (Possibly)

Certain sections of the Police will have a lot of egg on face following the un even handed reporting of the meets at Chelsea Bridge. Suffice it to say they will be looking to get even. I am not suggesting that all Police Officers will act this way and I am not looking to offend those who post here or who participate in Bike Safe and the like.

But the remarks made on BBCLondons report see thread

were not balanced and made the Police look in-effective, I so wanted to go to the bridge last night but was worried that some little Hittlers would be out to seek re-dress (Again I don’t think all Police are like this but you can bet some ass-kicking went on last night in the met).

Smiled has been one such victim. Can we all please make sure that OUR members are all whiter then white. I know its nice riding weather and you may be tempted to stray from the narrow path but don’t until the heat of that report dies back down I feel it would be best that we all stay in-conspicuous.

No doubt common sense will prevail, eventually.

Here here. Well said Dan-the-Man

don’t give’em any excuses guys and girls.

Its only the few that muck it up for us all, dont get me wrong i love a stunt but theres a time and place!!

cant we stop the hair dryers from doing them silly wheelie over the bridge i know its not just them but it would be a start