Big up the heroes

As much as we all slag this great country of ours I for one would never leave it, this is because there are still lots here for me to be proud of.

One of those things is the great and much maligned health service, although not free, it is at oint of service. Which believe me you wouldnt get any where else.

The way I was treated after my enforced off lastnight made me realise how much we take those guys for granted. So fellow bikers do yourselves a favour and increase your brownie points with the biker upstairs. If you know someone that works as an ambulance driver, or a paramedic, or a nurse, or even a fireman, take some time out and personally thank them for what they do. And if you dont personally know anyone in the services, then the next time your at traffic lights and one of these guys pulls up. give them a thumbs up and say thanks bud.

Because if you havent needed them yet, then one day you may do, and believe me you’ll be glad they are there.


This is really true - the paramedics that scooped me up of the floor with a shattered leg and the doctors and nurses that looked after me were superb. In my opinion one paramedic is worth 100 hedge fund managers/merchant bankers etc.

I want to send the ambulance crew a thankyou card - is there anyway I can find out who they were?

I agree some of us may owe thanks to those in the services. I myself had to be scooped up by paramedics and loaded onto the air ambulance when i had a bad off at my first ever motocross race.

What about those guys and girls in the forces aswell though? The paramedics that scooped me off the track happend to be RAF so its not like they only operate in theatre(as in iraq/afghan) or even just look after people in the forces, i could have been a civi that they where picking up off the track.

Basicaly its not just those in the medical/emergency services that deserve a thank you, i could even go on about how the army had to do the job of the fire service when ever they decided to go on strike in the past.

Theres other people who deserve a big thank you aswell… Hels for example who has voluntarily put her life at risk working out in afghan to look after civilians over there.

Ok i’ll shut up now.

Have to agree …been scooped off the tarmac by our lovely ambulance service several times and always been treated well, best thing we got in the uk is’nt it:D

Cannot agree more. Paramedics, police and hospital staff were (and still are) superb. Paramedics even made me laugh in the ambulance (and it wasnt because of the gas and air).

i owe my life to our paramedics,i was left for dead and they kept me alive,i did`t no it at the time but they did and have my heart felt thanks as do the doctors and nurses at hillingdon hospital who saved my leg and put back on the road to recovery.these are very special people.i thank them and will be down to thank them as soon as i can.

don`t knock our public service,there the best in world,were else could u get scrapped off the tarmac without getting your credit out.

Having just spent a week in the tender care of the NHS after a wee bit o’ surgery, I could not agree more.

Bravo the nurses, medics and pharmacists, the cooks and cleaners, porters and technicians who looked after me so well. It is humbling.

Kathy x

the fact i missed some of the guys out wasnt intentional so my appologies for that. but you get my point. do it guys you’ll feel better fof xmas.

you should be able to find the crew through the hospital records, all you need is the admission date syd.

Couldn’t agree more - At LB, we do what we can to help out by raising money for the London Air Ambulance who tend to scrape us off the floor at regular intervals.

Yeah, they’re all heroes… Ambulance, NHS staff (both of whom are very poorly paid in my opinion) fire staff, and people like St Johns Ambulance who do it for free, and the LAA which is bizarely a charity which gets no funding from the government…

Although I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t get a go in the helicopter after my off… although I wouldn’t have remembered it anyway:D

I think it was Sid Throttle who wanted to thank the ambulance crew…I assume it was in London, if so this link may help…

Thanks for the info GM and John - I’ll deffo be sending those guys a big thankyou. :slight_smile:

Good link Johnse. Thanks. :D:D