Big trail bike ride "5 fords"

I thinking of doing a big trail big ride again, I have a nice route planned, no rush ride just to get you on to the brown stuff. If you hadn’t guessed there will be 5 Ford crossings that are gravel-stone based. Not suitable for road tyres. Thinking July sometimes? Let me know if your interested and I can work around you :slight_smile:

Hmm, sounds like I need to sort some knobbly tyres out again. Whereabouts in relation to London?

I could be tempted again :slight_smile:

Looking at a start point of Redbourn, junction9 off the M1

Ah, I think I know the fords you have in mind :slight_smile:

/me gets on ebay looking for wheelsets

Depends the distance id be interested. will be on supermoto wheels but that’s not stopped us before lol

Ride will depend on amount of people, break downs, fall offs, drownings etc, I can change the planned route at anytime, if you need to go early that’s fine :slight_smile: if you want to do a few more lanes we can do that too. Riding the lanes and byways is not quite the same as roads :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to come and play dirty! :wink:

Nivag I know you work funny time when in July could you make this I’m busy 18/19 anyone else got any particular dates?

I’m a bit more flexible now. Though can’t do the end of July as I’m away.

Sunday the 12th July good for anyone? Starting at Redbourn at 9am.
I will give exact place with postcode once I have confirmation who’s interested

Hi there. I am interested in that ride. As I understand it’s a 1-day only trip. I hope xt660 on e09 mitas tyres is enough for that expedition :wink:

When I get the Daytona back I`m in like a stoat.

Exacts are leaving the Shell garage at Redbourn AL36LB at 9am on Sunday 12th July. Currently the lanes are firm and dusty, the fords low ish :slight_smile: this is not a race, but a nice social bimble. The intention is some nice lanes and 5 Ford crossings if all goes well. Come prepared. As stated the fords have gravel stone bottoms so road tyres not suitable. But if you want to come, then come I need a laugh :slight_smile:

I don’t think I can make that day. Hopefully I’ll be laning elsewhere that weekend :slight_smile:

Hrm. I’ll still be on road tyres then, and I think current plans put me on a tarmac-based jaunt anyway.

Currently waiting on a gearbox rebuild- I’m assured its coming V.soon so its a maybe for me.

If its anything like we did here then im in.
Supermoto KTM ford crossings:

I suspect its same area and fords we did on that vid D! :slight_smile:

Will join you if not away up north this weekend…

Quite deep and slippery, risky on small wheels with slicks :slight_smile:

I was scared on my 530exc with open airbox but all went well…