Big supermoto BCR, Sunday 10th October.

A few of us thought it would be a good idea to have a big Supermoto BCR as we haven’t had one for ages. So come on guy’s & girls get your arses in gear & lets get out there. :smiley:

None SM’s are welcome to join in the fun of course.

Supermotos, poofs…:):wink:



thats cheating, its a busa FFS!

Faggy tards, that’ll be me then!


Yo Ally, if by chance I cant make it, will you take my bike for me. You dont really need to do much, the bike will ride its self, but if you’re out wiv’dat moto, be sure and take some spare knees wiv’ya!:hehe:

So you’ll be holding up the sports bike end and joining us on the underpowered GSXR then will ya?:stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note Moto, whats the coup, is this going to be in the spirit of SM’ing or a 50mph SM precession? You know how I like my mororcycling :wink: Are you decided on a route? Dont post it! Oh, if you’re inviting sports bikes then I best T-Up Brian the Mop!:pinch:

Now, where did I put that other knee?

did anyone get out today?

Don’t know about you lot but we passed through FF at around 11 today and there were three bikes outside you-know-where;)

I had That Bike in bits to fix the rear light. I popped up to The Beach for a splosh!

When would I ever organise a 50mph procession :w00t:

It will be aimed more for supermotos but there will be provision for spurts bikes if they’re brave enough, or they fancy their chances, or of course they’re one of the regulars.

Best give Brian the heads up!

P.S. Hopefully you won’t need your spare knee, but you could bring it with you incase someone else needs it. :hehe:

i’ll be hung over

Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

No m8, you wouldn’t, but The BCR can get a very processional at times. The Broady’s and Mad-Dog’s need to be allowed to get to the front and be able to stay there without the same less progressive riders that want to ride slower always pushing to the front at every stop or set of lights. :crazy: There’s far more space for everyone when the faster guys are allowed to stay out front as you aint got 5 guys looking over your should cause you’re all bunched up. I cant stay with the fast guys and want them to get by so I can do my own thing without spoiling theirs. There’s enough of us slower guys in the mid field to show the new riders the route. Yes at times I’m just way too impatient, but in my defence the ride certainly dont get backed up like this behind that black ZX10! (the flash g1t) :smiley: Not to mention that plod will be writing the faster guys a ticket by the time I get there if we’ve inadvertently strayed over the speed limit!:wink:

Anyway, if its gonna flow, I’m gonna go! :w00t:

I guess we really shouldnt be joking about this pre-BCR:Whistling: :smiley:

Provided the EXC passes it’s MOT on Friday I’ll be there, if not I’ll ride tail gunner on the Adv.

What time’s kickoff then Jimbo? I might just come along and inject some of my customary ‘without due care’ into the proceedings :hehe: Actually I’ll be ever so cautious, honest. (I’ve a load of tedious crap that has to be dealt with this weekend so shouldn’t be going out at all really, but if it’s an 8 o’clock start and I bugqer off after brekky I can be home by midday. Come on Jim, make it an early :slight_smile: )

PS We all thought of you on the Cornwall rideout last week while negotiating the famous ‘moto hairpin’ :cool:

08:00 at the usual place, I was tempted to tell you 11:00 :wink:

I might be pushing my sh1t home on Sunday. The clutch is slippin so bad in my favourite bike I could be riding home with Brian!:pinch:

Despite the glowing praise from the old wise one:blush:,I won’t be joining you folks for this jaunt as I’ll be doing a 12 hour shift at work:angry:.You have fun out there:D

Thats a fuggin disgrace Mista!:angry:…Does that mean I can use that ZX10!:w00t: