big sorry folks,may have been a bit over the top

sorry fellow i took it to heart just a tad too much,the thing is haveing a stomer bag makes me a little in confident and im always consious of it unfortanatly, and sometimes get a little paranoid,im sure it wasnt as bad as it seemed now that i have calmed down now,and i appologise if i seemed a bit rude,i know there are some mindless bikers out there,and there are also very thoughtfull bikers as well,as i could tell with some of the replys i had,and yes i was the one with the blue neons,perhaps if my legs were a tad longer it would not be so much of a strugle to push me bike backwards lol.hope i havnt spoilt it for myself and sure this was a one off and it was just me on a bad day.take care all,and thank you for all your replys,from winghing newbie.

No worries.

We all have bad days shadow, it’s in the past, come to the Ace on Friday if you can ? :cool:

way it sounded to me m8 that if your bike was the 1s with the neons etc they were prop laughing at them, :smiley:

I must have left before you arrived. Nice bunch of people at the BM meets and it is good to meet likeminded riders. Seriously though, we all have off days and it would have bee simple enough to park nose in and ask someone to reverse the bike out for you when you wanted to leave. Hope you have a better experience next time around. I’ve found LB to be very helpful and fantastic when the chips are down.

Hi there mate, sorry about your feelings about coming to the BM, did see you arrive, and was impressed with the neons, liked em! I did see you zoom off a bit quickly, wondered why…

The unfortunately thing about last night was the big 4x4 that was parked inbetween the bikes which split the group and probably made it difficult to park for you, and for others, because there is a fairly steep ramp. Actually as you pulled up, I tried to indicate a space, but I think we missed each other.

But that said, we can be a bit cliquey, and it does take a fair amount to jump into a group of strangers, I was very nervous walking into my first meet! But like the sea, bit dodge getting in, but once yer in, it’s a blast…

Really? now see me? i didnt find it a problem what…so…ever !! :stuck_out_tongue: (but then, thats me !!!) And now? i dont care if i see any of you from one week to the next…har har …(nah, only joking)…but honestly? its like your family? you know they are all there, but it dont REALLY matter if you dont see them every single week…just when you DO meet up, its all friends together and laughing and chatting and kissy kissy stuff going on…:slight_smile: the way it SHOULD be…:stuck_out_tongue: Saying that, ive made friends with and met some real good people that are just a phone call away, and we meet up all the time. Glad youre a bit calmer Russ :slight_smile: err…but do me a favour? when your replying about same topic? write it all under the one you originally started instead of starting all the others !!! im jumping around the forum like a goodun !! :P:D:P

awww bless you Russ :slight_smile: good to see youre in better spirits :slight_smile: see you another time x

from one russ to another…no probs, see you at ace on friday>>? with blade?

Dunno if we will turn up together, cos erm…even if we met up some place and leave together from our area, …err…um…he will get left behind on route !! (smile) …:D:P:D

I will be leaving home around 7 ish maybe?

Glad you’re feeling better about stuff .

See you next week


Now come on Jules, a little less throttle wouldn’t hurt. Hmmm, hang on this is blade I talking to, scrap that. :smiley:

Honest, i keep telling my bike to be gentle with me?? Thats the trouble nowdays, no one listens! :wink:


kool skool, i will keep an eye out for shadow,he has neons on his bike?

Met Russ on sunday early eve, was going to the garage and saw his bike and was taking a peek…as you do?..Russ said he usually rides alone and i suggested getting onto the forum, cos said he will meet like bikers etc etc rah rah rah…then i just read that he went to BM etc…so dont know if i can get hold of him but yeh i think he uses the neons? I think they look brill !! Told him i wouldnt mind the same blue ones coming out the mesh on my seat cowl !! and yeh, cant see anyone saying they didnt see him coming! I’d love to have one huge eff off light that i put on JUST for filtering !!! ha ha ha let me hear em say they didnt hear/see me then !!! :wink:

and there was me thinking slarty n smiled wanted to be the first with neons oh how upset they must be :smiley:

still big up to ya shadow for coming back on and saying sorry for jumping the gun, and Im sure you will have plenty of laughs on here at yours and others expense in the future, hope to meet you down the Ace sometime :smiley:

+1 to wot the short one with the height complex said. :wink:

tell ya what i quite like them LED’s…BMAN has them on his bandit…looks good! a green ninja with green LED’s would look bad!!! (bad as in good!)

you would never…ever miss seeing someone at night with LED’s…do they stay on when parked?

I’m speechless:blink: