Big shout out and some Spicy Poppadums!

And all dat yoof-full rass claat raaaaaa


In English.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to extend my eternal thanks and appreciation to two colleagues of the LB variety and the man that shall always be known as “John”

I was escorted by a lightweight ('07 GSXR 750 ) and her friend riding his tractor (Buell 1200 - BRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAP) to “John” where he dismantled the Millenium Falcon and proceeded to make us all laugh like idiots whilst he rebuilt the warp thrusters and the light speed crystal variable diode refracters…

Suffice to say the brakes were needed on the way home

Cheers you two, great night out and let’s get some more of those mad poppadums!
Fiery HOT!

So is that what J stands for in baby?

Nope sorry!
Ello stranger…god you can tell winter’s been draggin on far too long when we haven’t all caught up in a random car park…

Was beginning to forget what you looked like… KIDDING!!!

Mahoosive group ride out must be done soon!

well hows about u come bowling… loads people attending now, lol

I’m afraid I’m busy that weekend mate


So is ‘the brakes were needed on the way back’…a discovery you made AFTER my panties filled up then?