Hello All, I feel I need to write this as I am still very annoyed with this shop. I spoke to them about buying a a 2008 model Yamaha R6 (Rossi Rep) Everything was agreed with the sales guy (over the phone) I told him that I would be purchasing extras and told him I wanted a Meta Def Com T alarm fitted to the bike aswell as a tail tidy. He told me the price he could do me the bike for was £7299 as it was there last one and it was a 2008 model. With the extras the total price was like £7600 or somthing like that. Anyway I agreed everything with him and not really knowing to much about the R6 anyway had a look about and decided it was a good deal. Was even going to purcahse a new set of leathers and boots when I went into the shop (Most f***ing dealers would love a customer like me because I DONT mess a bout.)

Anyway! I tell the chap on Thursday 1st April 2010 That I might have a part exchange but the price he offers me is very low so he tells me to sell it privite which I do on ebay via a buy it now price. A very nice young lad and his dad comes to view my bike on the Sunday and the young lad is really excited about buying it they leave me £200 deposit for the bike and said they will be back on the weekend to collect it (very decent people I must add)

I contact the dealer back and tell him I have sold my P/X and will be over Tuesdsay to do the deal. Couldnt do any sooner as bank holidays etc. and I was working the saturday. This was all agreed etc. First thing Tuesday morning I phone up and speak to him. He tells me I need a deposit etc to provide me with a registration mark for the bike (Fair enough of course) I give him my card details and he takes a £500 deposit off my card and gives me a registration for the bike (At this point you can see my intentions are very clear I have bought that bike its mine) Wouldn’t you agree??

Anyway. I ring up and get the bike insured which costs me over a grand. Due to me having two claims in the last year and not any no claims bonus. I pay the insurance up in full. So its all done. Sorted ready to Rumble!

On TUESDAY 6th APRIL I get a phone message asking me to contact the shop as a matter of priority. I am then told by the sales guy that he has made a mistake with the price of the bike. He tells me that the bike should be £7999 and not £7299 and that he can’t sell me the bike for the price that we agreed and had agreed for over a week. I find it a little odd that someone can make such a mistake and even run e through the 0% finance at the agreed price with blackhorse finance!!! He then says to me its only another £700 more. ONLY! Its not the money that matters to me its the principle…Basically he boshed the deal because OF HIS MISTAKE. Its totally unacceptable. I feel it was a ploy and he thought I was just gonna say oh ok well its only £700 more thats ok…I’ll pay it.

This deal has cost me money. I have had to pay cancelation fees to the insurance. Ebay fees and probaly more importantly had a 17year old kid in tears yes f**king tears down the phone because I have told him I am not selling my bike even his dad has rang me and said how upset he is. Apparantly they need the bike for some enduro race next week. His sons pretty tasty…Its really given me the arsehole.

And there was me telling everyone I had bought a new R6.

waste of time and money. I would never use this place again. I will also tell the story to everyone I know.


You’ve already put money down on the deal that was agreed, so there surely is no way they can raise the price afterwards. Off you go to CAB…

Yes and there is proof aswell.

Blackhorse finance keep a record of all there applications. The proof of the original price is there. I am being sent a copy by them.

I will also be taking this up with Yamaha. Seeing as they are a Yamaha Dealership. I am sure they would like to know about this situation.“Dealers raising prices after a sale is agreed” I will not be going quitely on this one.

Typing up the letters as we speak.

if i was you i would take the copy of the application down to the shop today and speak to the manager, they are norm really good people to deal with.

cheeky fuk wit , agreed price was that price he has to sell it at that(its law)

That is a shame, this is my local Yamaha dealer and they are usually ok with servicing. I’ve never bought anything major from them however. I hope you can get this sorted through the management. If not I’d sure like to know… best of luck. Let us know how this resolves.


Speak to trading standards.:slight_smile:


Regardless of the price on the product, I’m sure once the sale is agreed its binding by law and the shop must honour it.

now I could be wrong, but unless you actually have it in writing from the shop itself that they agree to the sale at £7299 there is not alot you can do.

The blackhorse finance paper work I doubt will stand as this is a credit agreement and not a valuation on the bike. And also will more than likely be nothing to do with Yam themselves.

Good luck and I do hope you get it sorted but think you could be flogging a dead horse here

I expect the credit agreement will have the purchase price on it as well as the amount you planned to borrow. You have bought the bike as far as I can see, for the agreed price and the deposit secured it. The shop doesnt have a leg to stand on legally IMO.

did they give you an invoice for the purchase? They should have, stating cost of bike and the deposit you paid. Finance agreement imo only means borrowed amount, although it will prob have the rrp of the bike on it.

If you have the invoice they have no legs to stand on, take em to small claims court/trading standards.

I bought a bike from them a few years back and they are meant to be the best for customer service in the area so maybe standards have slipped.

My dealer I use has a 08 R6 up for £7299.00 so looks like the price is correct !

Fight it out mate

That’s a real shame. They were really good the one time I went in there - you could try talking it through with the manager, and point out all you’ve said here.

It appears I am flogging a dead horse I think. You no what I would of been happy if someoe had held there hands up and said look we have made a mistake but we are going to honour what we agreed. I mean I was spending another £400 in There anyway. But it appears even after speaking to the manager Alan. The best they will do is throw me in a free alarm if I buy another bike from them. Lol that’s customer service for you these days. To be honest if anyone on here was spending over 7 grand on a bike you would want somthing free as part of a deal would t you?? I know I would.

Sorry to hear about your experience there. Did they give you an invoice or paperwork other than the stuff from Black Horse with the agreed price on it? If they did, then definitely get in touch with your local CAB and trading standards.

I bought my bike there about 2.5 months ago. Had actually gone there to see another bike, from Chalk Farm on a 50cc scoot so had taken a bit of time(!) and somebody bought it literally as I arrived! Salesman and manager both took pity on me and offered me a great deal on a nearly new bike (courtesy bike) they had in that was a slightly better spec and after a few days thought and research I ended up going with that. Throughout the sales process everything was cool, especially as I was a total newb it being my first bike, they really looked after me. However, there was something that happened post sale that still kind of bugs me.

Took a full day off work to go pick it up, arrived lunchtime and did the business. As I had the whole day off headed out into deepest darkest Epping forest to have some fun and after just under an hour stopped off to tell the Mrs how the new steed was running. Whilst on the phone noticed the tax disc holder was empty! Immediately called the shop to check what was up and got the same salesman on the phone to check it was taxed and after a bit of hmming and ermming heexplained that there wasn’t any road tax on it as it had been a courtesy bike. I reminded him that as a newb I’d been very clear on asking if the bike was ready to ride and didn’t require anything else and that he’d said yes. Now all he said was, yeah, you should probably get the road tax sorted out as soon as possible. When I swallowed my anger and asked if I could come in and do it online at the shop there and then he said this wasn’t possible as their internet was ‘locked’ to the shop site only. That wasn’t the part that bugged me the most, it was that he didn’t apologise and was in a rush to get off the phone rather than helping. Basically the same as you’ve experienced. Once they realised they had messed up, they were no help. Long story short, it really took the shine of my experience of my first day with my new bike.

Anyway, that’s my story. There wasn’t much I could do but I do think if you have something in writing you should take it further.

Hope it helps…


Sorry to hear of your strife MK, let us know if there have been further developments. Just to throw in my tuppence, I believe that if a price is agreed and a verbal contract made (taking a deposit probably exceeds that!) then the vendor must honour that price…UNLESS there has been an obvious error in the pricing.

When I say obvious it’s like if they’d displayed the bike in the showroom at £72.99 rather than £7299. I think there was a case a couple of years back where Amazon or maybe Dixons had advertised a certain camera on their website for around a tenth it’s RRP, when they had a zillion orders they were allowed to break those ‘contracts’ since it was an obvious error.

Most significantly I’d have thought that the bad PR in this situation would convince them that the fight simply isn’t worth £700. Try and get your local rag involved, if they have cameras and reporters turning up I’d be amazed if it wasn’t sorted there and then.

Sad to hear this news … not many good dealers round Woodford area. Johns in Romford are ok but they don’t do Yamahas no more.

I hope you get this sorted in your favour mate. Otherwise I’d be happy to join you on a protest ride. The idea of bikers turning up and telling others at their shop about their “good” service will hit them where it hurts.

See if you can get the local rag involved and send an email to MCN. £700 vs bad press will be a no brainer for someone with any business sense.

It takes years to build a good reputation and a moment to loose it, they should know better.

Big shame!!!

I’d fight them. If you have legal insurance through your household or bike insurance it might be worth involving a solicitor.

Good luck