Big Shame to Johns of Romford (Rush Green)

what an appalling and half arsed service they give you. dropped my bike in to get the suspension looked at as it is really saggy and loose and they give it back to me a week later with no difference what so ever. they said they’ve tightened the top end half a notch. i brought it back dissapointed with there work and all they had to say was uve got aftermarket springs so take it back to wear u got them fitted.


the gsr doesnt have much in the way of adjustment. you should be there to assist with set up due to your size and weight. Brian “B” or matt OMC is better

its not setup u numpty

cant see whats “numpty” about it. wether they did it or not, the gsr hardlly has any adjustment at all. not that I could even notice a major difference. even after fitting heavier fork oil.

Did you pay for this shockingservice?

i must agree, Matt at omc is very good, even his knowledge confused me, but the main thing was it felt stiffer ooer

I had B service the suspension on my old GSR and it made a difference to me.

As J says , limited scope for adjustment , but it can be done.

i know what ur saying guys but i had the springs and oil uprated a few months back now and they felt great but recently have got really spongy and fell like theres no oil in them at all and when i say soft i meanreally soft. so the charge me an hours labour for something i could of done at home. barstards!

Tyre pressures? No joke :slight_smile:

This info would have been more usefull if in the first post :wink: :slight_smile:

u know most of it already jaime lol

jimbo, why didnt you go essential?

You talking front or rear or both and how many miles have you done since the first suspension work?

Oh and happy (belated) birthday.

moto psycho sorted it degraded fork oil was an issue and they put heavier oil in :smiley: