Big pothole and gravel - London Wall

After a ‘front end moment’ this morning on the way to work - just be very aware around the junction of London Wall and Wood Street - have written to J B Riney asking them to clear it up and repair the pothole and TFL.


Pot hole more like a shallow grave lol

bloody hell, that’s not funny.

Great move Teflon.

Did you report it to the relevant Local Authority, or at least check to see if someone else had? The Highway Officer will typically inspect a route every 1-3 months and if it wasn’t present at the last inspection, they will be reliant on mops reporting it.

Edit - it’s dead easy to report any potholes etc by using

You can report to TFL as well
I done it once and the road was fixed quite quickly

Update: I received this from Riney this morning - I have spoken with out Emergency Call Out team this morning and they are going to inspect it and sort the problem.

I have already reported it to TFL via their page ‘Contact us about streets and road issues’ section but thanks for the fixmystreet link, worth knowing. Will be interesting to see if its been fixed when i’m back in the office.

Riney have been building the office tower at London Wall for the last couple of years so i would’ve though they would inspect the surrounding roads etc considering the amount of construction traffic they would have moving about there.

I have the fillthathole app on my phone for reporting nasty potholes, they direct it to the relevant authority for you.

I have the fillthathole app on my phone monkimark
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In that case I’ve got some apologies to make, I’ve reported about 20 addresses with holes to be filled…