big boys 4x4!

anyone here like green laning, off roading, general 4x4 use??selling up my project truck to fund new bike project and also have just imported a full drift spec car (blew up the last 1 :blush: ) :smiley:

1988 nissan patrol

2.8L with mark 1 skyline head etc

full 4x4 drive (selectable modes with 4x4 stick next to gear stick)

pick up conversion

competition suspension jacked riiiight up

33x12.5 chunky tyres!!! cost me over a grand!

cobra bucket seats with 3 point harness for driver aswell as standard belt for road use

just generally larger than life!

got a few bad bits:

needs windscreen (can sort this if the right price is agreed)

needs mot and tax (just ran out)

dented passenger side front wing n rear wing

interior is comleteley stripped bare, and i do mean COMPLETELY as i was planning on installing a roll cage before i decided to sell it up

looking for offers around ยฃ1000 which dosnt even cover the cost of the tyres on there! but it has to go

just to give you an idea of the size this is my bro in the back and eโ€™s a touch under 6ft, now looks tiny :smiley:

tempting! but ive just forked out on the KTM. sold my TD5 a couple of years ago - loved it! :slight_smile:

fkin ell mate!!! youโ€™d get more in parts!!

someones getting a bargain on a banning car!!

i know mate but gotta get rid of it quick. open to offers :slight_smile:

its up on ebay with many watchers, starting bid is 450 with no reserve so anyone on here who may want it n offers me a decent amount can have it. just dont forget you need a trailer to take it! :smiley: