Bidding has ended but hilarious........

Check out the questions section :D:D:D


One of the girls in the office called the number and it turned out to be the actual bloke mentioned!!


heheh very cool, and the fact he answered the questions as well. I think he might be on the receiving end of a harassment case tho!

:w00t: :smiley: hilarious, just had be laughing at my desk!!!

Excellent stuff, very funny and sounds like she deserves it, although why he would have married that in the first place is beyond me!! :w00t:

Been removed already!For those who missed it… :D(SEE ATTACHMENT)

All i got was item not listed.


heheheh and who said women were vindictive… he desrves a beer or three for that one !!!

I wonder how many calls they got before it got pulled of…

If your willing enough to cheat on someone, you shouldnt be with them!

For those who didn’t get a chance to see before eBay withdrew it! Not sure how readable this will be but was sent the eBay listing by email today! I love the questions asked :smiley:

Feel bad for the guy but it did make me laugh :slight_smile:

That’s hella funny, but I reckon this guy’s in for some serious trouble…

Thanks for posting up the JPEG as I’d missed the link.

Superb! He’s taking it all so well!! :stuck_out_tongue:

another amusing one:

No bids, I wonder why :w00t:

The sun chat so much sh*
they said it got upto 500k?

On that Wikipedia piece Jacqui Smith looks like Tony Soprano’s shrink.