Neighbour knocked on the door around half eight saying they’d just come back from an evening out and her side alley door/gate was swinging open so to check our back garden…:crazy: Sure enough trail of footprints through the mud in the alley and they’ve tried having my sons bike away as it was moved from where i put it under cover earlier…its a wake up call as i have’nt bothered chaining up the scoots of late…mistake i won’t be making again, Cannot believe they were snooping about in my back garden whilst we were indoors!:w00t: or how they got over the side alley door as its 8 foot high with spikes along the top…but i reckon the dog disturbed them and they legged it as nowt else is missing and he’s in the garage so he must have heard them and barked:D so now the cctv is switched back on and videoing the back garden alarm is now switched on all the time and my assortment of various weapons is close to hand…and i soooooo hope they come back tonight:D;)

So just check your security people as all the chavs in your area will have family from wherever down for christmas and on an evening when they have nothing to do they could be eyeing up your pride and joy…:crying:

you can babysit my dog for a bit dude if ya want, shes hungry too :wink:

Yes my Ex-husband just found out from next door neighbour that some teenager were trying to steal his mountain bike and the next door’s one as well but luckily they got scared of the dog and next door neighbours went chasing after them . They were lucky

so its all round wasps house as i reckon they might be back.

Fred & Bert have been starved for several days…and are partial to a chav or two:D

We want a dog but the landlord wont even let us have a cat so as i was saying the other night wasp we may be in the market for a ferret now that the last of our rats has snuffed it…can ferrets be trained to only bite thieving chavs ?;):stuck_out_tongue:

We can rent out an Alsatian by the hour very cheap - you can pretend she is only visiting to the landlord. Will bite most things.

I`ll send me to kids over, as when they start argueing and fighting it will frighten antone off.:smiley:

Someone knocked at the door of a 80 year old over the road saying they were my next door neighbours cousin, were staying there and had got locked out so could they borrow £20 to get to the Elephant And Castle?

Unfortunately the 80 year believed them.

I’ll send my wife, she has the same effect!!

Well the little feckers did’nt come back…soooo disapointed:doze: i slept with the garden alarm next to me head and it did’nt go off once…at least it gave me a wake up call and in future i wont be so lapse with security:D New house alarm on order for january and a top of the range alarm for me workshop to:D oh and cctv signs ordered for the front gate oh and that camera is never going to be switched off again;)

Lesson learnt.

Scum, i hope they choke or OD on what ever they spend that poor old womens money on!

I’ll give the scumbags my ex-wife’s address and the alarm code if they want. Help themselves to whatever they want :wink:

Couldn’t agree with you more mate.

Yer we had the same thing in southend last night my wife was in the lounge and someone tried the patio doors to see if they were open, my dog went mad and i went out looking for them but saw nothing. spent today adding security, as i dont want my ps3 getting stolen before i play with it. As i teach martial arts i have a few weapons at hand too but would be a shame to get them dirty with chav scum.

Why bother with a CCTV sign that way you warn them to wear a mask etc

Sorry to hear about your prowlers, Samm

I do hope your CCTV is good quality, most of the systems I’ve seen in commercial premises have been of a shockingly bad quality and there’s no chance of identifying people from them.

Have a think about whether you need signs, it can work for & against you.

You could also invite your local police’s crime prevention officer around, I’m sure Essex still have them and he might be able to offer some good advice to secure your garden & house

i bet the white stilletos are murder for chasing crims?

Roger that…Fotress WASP is on lockdown…

we have dogs patrolling the wire OVER…

Rattys war light is on RED…Moment it Goes to GREEN…i’m there! ROGER THAT… R46 OUT…

The signs i was led to believe have to be seen or the chance of prosecution was zero?

If you have cams then you have to have signs? oh and yes they are really good quality they are nightvision ones as well :smiley: