Beware of theiving scum at the Ace

Didn’t someone get their helmet nicked from there last year too?

Watch yer stuff 8o

Unfortunately you get others there apart from biker/motorcyclists etc unlike the comment on the forum bikers stealing from bikers, it may be true i dont know but when the streetfighter do was on there was loads of kids, tourists etc etc so basically keep ya bike in eyes view etc.

Also how many pepes down there on stolen bikes these day so not gonna think twice bout nicking a tax disc.


err arn’t we ment to feel safe at places like the ace? why can’t people just act civil anymore?

Theft has always been an issue at the Ace. It’s not the riders, it’s the scroats that live near by who walk through and try their luck. Kids mainly. A couple were caught once stealing helmets, one of them was Ghostie’s, he wasn’t at all impressed, as I’m sure you can imagine.

FFS is nothing sacred

I did hear on another forum that several bikes were nicked from Matlock Baths in broad daylight very recently, be careful peeps!

He must have been Pissed


This bits a good read from what looks like a pc.
Know it sucks but the law says it must be displayed, however most police like myself are more than happy with the tax disc under the seat totally understand.

Big issue are the council wardens who spot no tax on display and have your bike lifted, you then get a whopping bill for lifting and storage and an option to produce the tax disc…difficult as it is not under the seat of a bike in their secure compound!!! Try getting the officious little git at the council to check pnc more than his bloody jonsworth life is worth…

Had an issue where a bike got taken about two minutes after I had checked his tax, I had to threaten to arrest the removal officer if he didnt put he bike back got a bit of a large complaint from the whinging council ba****ds over that one…as you can see I have a close working relationship with the buggers

unfortunately they are every where i had some allen key weilding shit bag steal two sets of motrax top blocks of my R6 at boxhill on a sunday in the summer and both on seperate occasions, but i got a letter in superbike mag about it and won a lid, but they sent me two in error…

Esso Garage oppo Ace, I go in after tanking the bike…come out…No Exhaust Springs !!!

had same at chelsea ages ago, now have black springs so they stand out

did garage have cctv?

WTF? And they not easy too get off.

At the ratbike review a couple of years ago, some pikey kids tried nicking my little bike:

then you had the scum who knocked a cb500 over under the bridges and walked off laughing

Some people can be a real bunch of cocks! I display my tax disk under my rear fender, you cant see it by just looking at the bike but it is accesible if police/traffic wardens get shirty.

With the whole tax disc thing get yourself a good honder and mount it with a security bolt that they cant undo.

I had a tax disc pinched a few years ago, they caught the sod I could not belive it!!! albeit he had no license or anything.

It burns me up when bikers try to scam another biker

I had some blue alloy valve caps nicked off my bike. There were quite a few kids hanging around on their bicycles so I reckon one of them had them off. My bike was next to the bus shelter and there were a lot of bikes in between it and the caff. I’d say it is a good idea to park some place where you can keep an eye on it

Thieves aren’t the only problem at the Ace - though I do love the place. A few weeks ago I noticed a couple of skanky looking ba****ds shuffle into the car park to do their drug deal then slope off in opposite directions. I know Mark Wilsmore is a top geezer and would be horrified at such goings-on. It’s such a shame we have to be vigilant, even at biking’s mecca.