Best, Worst, and Dreaming !!!!!!!!!!

What’s your best and worse biking item you have bought? and what is top of you biking wish list if money was no problem?

This is where we can all embarrass ourselves and everyone else can say, “you didn’t spend good money on that did you? You !?!”

I think my worst purchase was a set of one piece leathers that were white with pink flecks all over them, I think they may have been Fieldsheer ones, thought I looked the business at the time! Best was my first road bike at 16 a Suzuki ER50 that got me hooked on biking, even though I got P#!*ed on by the AP’s and Fizzies at the time.

If money was no option I’d buy a race track and have it just for bikes.

What about the rest of you

Good question!

Best purchase:

Hrm, the R6 I bought as my second bike would have to be it, I had so much fun on that, and made so many new friends. I learnt a lot of bad lessons, and a few good ones. This was my introduction to modern sportsbikes, and how to modifying them. I got stopped for doing 90mph in a 30mph zone on it when I didn’t know any better (only had my license a few months), got let off (lol), dropped it on some diesel, threw it down Cadwell Park at my first trackday, bought a number of shiny bits for it, learnt to do burnouts on it, small wheelies and went across the nation on it more than once.
In second place, it’d be the ‘Cathcart’ Arai lid I bought, to replace a crappy Shark one. I was introduced at this point to the world of quiet biking, good fits and non-beachball head look.

Worst purchase:

Some of those tyre-light things that flash on and off when the wheel spins. They attach to the valve stem and last about a week before needing new batteries. I thought they were brilliant when I was on the R6, looking in shop windows at night as I rode around showing off… little did I know how stupid they actually were… oh well, you have to learn at some point

Wish list:

1- another planet: Rossi’s last Honda RCV 211V
2 - win the lotto: MV Agusta 1000 Tamburini
3 - work a bit more: Marvic ‘spin’ magnesium wheels

the thing had most fun on was my bandit what a laught didnt matter if you slung it down the road learnt to do stoppies on it and droped it loads of times dont do wheelies any more after going over the front of a car

the best and worst thing i breought was a rossie rep daniese jackett for £500 lovley on the hanger but didnt go with anything i owned and i just sold it on ebay for £155 only wore it a few times

the best thing i have now is my gixer 600 but dont wanna sling it as not affording anther

good call,the best has got 2 b my first rd bike @ 16,mtx 50,bought as a 16 birthday present by my parents,even though nearly all the other yobs had rd 50’s the worst,2 things jump to mind,the first is the bright yellow,day-glo body belt my mum insisted i wore which came off the minute i was out the end off my rd,the second is a oxford revolver lock,to then find out in msn u could open it with a biro pen

wot dont i wish 4 but at this point in time,its got 2 be foggys 916sps rep,no 2 off the line,S3 FOG no.plate which has sat in his front room 4 the past 7 yrs,he’s auctioning it 4 chaaarrrity(lets rock)

21 grand reserve,if i was a betting man,id wager it’s got 2 make at least 50,and as a foggy nut if i was in the position to buy it,id be ordering the display case rite now

Best Purshased: A terribly Horrible, ugly and Very thick bike chest warmer jumper I bought when I was travelling throughout Andorra. It was -15 and I just had my leathers on, Andorra wasn’t on my planned route you see… Best purshased ever!!!

Worse purshase: 4 litres of diesel ! Yes, I put diesel on my Suzuki 1000 few years ago. If i’m not wrong jay was with me at this ride… Had to to find a piece of garden hose to empty my tank… I have never seen again the guilty blond on the blue Corsa that made me forget to look at which pump I was getting… Er…

Wish list: It’s actually a full garage with a MV augusta Tamburini, CBR1000,Aprilia RSV1000 factory, Ducati 999R, Triumph Rocket III, Harley V-Rod, CBR900, CB1400, MT-01, Victory Hummer, Hyabusa 1300R, GSXR1000&750, LC4 640 KTM, FP1… Better Stop here, you said money wasn’t the problem…

Hehehehe, I remember when you filled your tank with diesel! We spent ages sorting out your bloomin’ gixxer! Smoked all down the road afterwards… It was a nice day, a sunny ride back from Brighton.

Best purchase: My R1 - I really can’t fault this bike. After owning all three models of R6 this was a dream come true and still feels so after a few months. Getting back on the last bike feels odd and nothing like it used to feel - I don’t think I could happily ride a 600 again. Every time I get off this bike, even after a bad ride, I still feel exhilarated!

Worst purchase: An ally weave tankpad from Motrax. It was one of the first off the production line and had a fault which caused the edges to start fraying - little bits of aluminium everywhere, tankpad looked awful. The product manager at Motrax sent me a new one, which was OK, but taking the faulty one off was a nightmare in itself!

Dream purchase: Hmm, tricky one… Probably something different, like a Virgin Mobile ‘Big Bang’ R1, with the team to go with it, and the Virgin Mobile pit police as well of course, and some of the MCN girls too, except I’d probably replace (some of) them with my friend Dannii

Best purchase: With out a doubt my Mille, gives me hours of fun and never get off the bike with out a smile on my face. I’ve ridden alot of other bikes but the Mille gives me the greatist joy.

Worst purchase: A second hand part off Ebay for £60 which turned out not to be broken in the first place. Me and my dodgy Diagnosis.

Dream: Got to be a brand new sparkling RSV Factory with a couple of personal touches.

Best purchase: Leo Vinci Race can for 10 quid. – Mint Condition.

Worst purchase: Arai crash helmet –Pink and Orange ‘what was I thinking’

Dream purchase: YUKIO Express GSXR1000 K4 with free unlimited worldwide trackdays.

Stan, you’d need a tyre sponsorship deal to go with the dream option

Ooh good topic…


My beautiful GSXR600 K4 aka The Yello Peril. Everyday ive had it ive gone out to the garage and patted her goodnight. I was bloody chuffed when i bought it, first bike maybe? and its been the best thing since sliced bread ever since! My Aplinestars suit which at the time seemed expensive but after my recent spill at Silverstone was worth every single penny. Only marked which for a 90mph ass slides damned impressive! Plus the SMX boots and the £120 GP PRO gloves…Money well spent


Billy Eliot DVD. Still in its wrapper i was so completely ashamed!


A full works BSB spec GSXR1000K5 in Yello Peril colours. And a full seasons racing. Hot pit girl.

And a cowboy hat

Cheers for spotting that one Jay… Wouldn’t be a dream if you couldn’t change it, so I’m adding a tyre sponsorship deal, Technical & Event management teams plus a really cool boss that approves all annual leave requests.

Plus a big bank balance to cover cost of anything else I may have forgot.

That’s not a dream, its a bloody Fantasy m8.

no no - A fantasy includes the Pit Lane Babes…

hummmm! pilane babes… gahhhh

Best bit of kit bought - MJK made to measure leathers.

Worst bt of kit ever bought - Frank Thomas waterproof oversuit, close run with frank thomas gloves, well in fact anything made by Frank Thomas, tyhe stuff just falls apart on me.

Best Bike ridden - Mille Factory
Best Bike owned - Kawasaki ZX7R
Worst Bike owned - Suzuki GSX600F

As for wish list, where do I start?

Suzie Perry to be my Dolly Brolly and personal maseusse next season.
Sponsorship for my racing exploits next season.
Someone to give me free of charge a factory Mille.

need I go on.

hmmm few best bits of kit bought (apart from the bikes) are my WP full race rear shock on the NC compleatly transformed the bike 2nd place is the quick action throttle - every bike should have one and 3rd my old dainese t-age gloves one of the lovlyest things iv ever put my hand into… (put laughs and sniggers here…) worst thing iv ever bought? thats tough… but im sure frank thomas is on the list somewhere as for jay and the flashing valve caps, il never look at you in the same way lol. dream kit? HRC endurance spec RC45 with a tony scot 850cc motor conversion 192 bhp at the crank!! oh yeah, it would have to be in slight/edwards castrol colours too or a mint RC30 (cant beat the sound of a 14000 rpm V4)

ps those feildsheer leathers some one was talking about, the acid worm ones… you can thank carl fogerty for those!