Best way to stop glasses misting up

As it is starting to get a bit cooler in the mornings (put the heated grips on for the last part of the journey today!) I know I will soon face the problem of my glasses getting steamed up inside my helmet.

What do other glasses wearers do - are breath guards effective?

Wear contact lenses. :smiley:

as a fellow four eye :slight_smile:

the BEST Ive found so far is the FOGTECH stuff, exspensive but very good, all the other fog blockers etc are only good enough to clean your glasses with.

you dont even have to “crack” ya visor open a bit just leave it shut and stay warm :smiley:

I have heard of prescription visors…or contacts…or a very thin layer or washing up liquid on teh glasses.

Reminds me of a few years ago when i went with some mates to a “Gentleman’s Evening” You know, the comedian and strippers thing. my mate Steve had his glasses removed from his head and a young lady did unmentionable thing with them. Needless to day they came back all smeary:w00t:

He reckoned that after giving them a wipe that they never steamed up inside his lid for ages.:P:D:D

Might be worth giving it a try;):D:D:D:D

i wear contacts, but my sunglasses sometimes mist up - i use … dont laugh… :Whistling: cat-crap on them!

works a treat!

On the days my eyes are to sore for contacts I use Bob Heath Visors Antifog on my glasses works a treat.

I found a breath guard just directs my breath onto my glasses so makes them steam up really quickly.

I tend to open my visor a tiny bit when stopped at traffic lights, but don’t need to keep it open when going along as the air moves around enough inside the helmet for them not to get steamed up.

If you wear anything over your face to keep it warm, don’t cover your nose, as that just directs your hot steamy breath back up to your specs and there ya go, all steamed up again.

Swimmers have an anti-fog squirty spray to use on the inside of swimming goggles which works very well to stop them steaming up, so if you have a problem, search the swimming equipment suppliers.

I know it’s a bit icky, but when I used to swim competitively I used to use a bit of saliva to stop my goggles steaming up. Would that work on specs? It’s free, after all.

Failing that, find a stripper. :smiley:

Breath guards sort of work. The one in my AGV leaks a bit of warm air up the outside of my nose which slightly fogs the glasses but I ride with a slightly opened visor, matchstick width, so that clears quickly.

Ride magazine (March) tested visor anti fog stuff (not quite the same problem) and the best of the anti fog applications was Fog Tech. Should work on glasses.

Of course, you could hold your breath for the length of the journey.

I’ve been using an anti-fogging/glare product on me specs for the last few years, it’s made by a company called hawaii business show enterprises, and it looks like a stick of pink wax. Incredibly effective, although i’ve never seen it in any shops. the only place i’ve seen it on sale was at the british motor show this summer there were a couple of stands demonstrating it.

thats the same thing as ‘cat-crap’ just different packaging :wink:

I tried that this morning… couldnt see for Sh…t :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank guys

A lot of good and interesting suggestions here - I think I may pass on the cat poo idea.

i used to use a foggy mask and anti fog spray on the glasses aswell. You should heat up the anti fog stuff on your glasses with a hairdryer too as it becomes more more affective!

I’ve got the Hawaii wax as well, pink stuff and it works after each application, but I have to stick it on each day. Bit of a pain, but at least it means I have a warmer ride in.

Bob Heath visor spray is pretty good

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I brought some at the Excel show. I couldn’t remember whats it’s called, but they do have a website i remember them saying. I see if they are at the BMF for you. My dad used to use this stuff all the time on his glasses. You can used it on any types of glass and works up to a number of days, and last a really long time (one stick for a year, for sometime like glasses).

I use this too, bought it from the birmingham motor show… I dont find it lasts very long. I tend to have to reapply it ever time I go out but once it on, its pretty good. :slight_smile: